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These paragraphs will be about my psychic gifts in best detail. Hopefully what Iam trying to achieve from typing this is guidance from someone who has experienced these gifts like me and is wiling to give me some clarity on what my gifts are specifically.

I receive Déjà vu many times a week. They're mainly linked to dream visions. For example I had a moment in my dream where I was pouring coffee in a yellow cup I've never seen before. Then in reality, I relive that moment perfectly as I did in my dream.

I see dark grey, human-like shadows, with negative energy connected to them. I remember a few occasions of seeing them. The most recent one occurred November 9th, 2017 at my school. So literally I was in first period and I noticed a figure, like I've described, beside her. I had a horrible sense of negativity. As if it went over me and left. The energy was very overwhelming, like as if I've felt it before and it left me unable to escape it.

Ok creepy but like as I was typing that I literally remembered where I've felt that way from. In my dreams... Or u can say nightmares. For some reason I honestly don't know why but I've been getting nightmares from being unable to move or speak and I always feel that vibe. The same vibe I've felt from that day in class. I once tried praying when this occurred but it only got more powerful and I just couldn't wake up. This has happened since I was 14. Could someone please tell me what that could be!?

I also see a eye in my mind. Like when I close my eyes I literally see a freaking eyeball like not two but one! It's strange because it isn't mine. I've had a time in middle school (6th grade) where I felt someone kiss me at night and the day after I was in class and had asked myself in my mind who've done it and I swear... I had two visions. One of I guess the spirit who did it. That 5 years later I met him but things didn't work out. The spirit was a guy who astral projected... (no I've never met him before until high school of this year). That vision with the guy I've met 5 years later, he had a negative, negative, negative energy and a black aura. It was so bad I prayed that he wasn't my soulmate and that's he wasn't the guy I was going to marry. Then after I did that I had the second vision of a dude I still haven't met. He had a familiar feeling and his aura was white. I couldn't tell if that was my soulmate or my angel.

I then since the day of 6th grade had seen that eye in my mind.

So sorry if this was too much in one story but I really needed some guidance. I really needed to get some answers, to get this off my chest. Thank you and happy thanksgiving or early thanksgiving if this sends earlier than I think it will.:)

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sunshine_taylor (13 stories) (49 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-08)
Actually the more I keep reading about these shadows the more they seem to appear in negativity. I try to put it off as something I see mentally. There is an evil presence in the next room to me. When I read different posts about these presences they seem to appear when someone is very negative. The person in the next room to me talks on the phone from sun up to sun down, constantly wants to argue, degrade people lives, have completely destructive behavior, create drama all the time, and drains the crap out of my energy. Knowing that I have many abilities, I be so freaking drained. I didn't know at first that these people were called energy vampires. I be so drained around this individual that it feels like depression. When I drive back to Texas from down here in Arkansas, I feel relieved. The weight is even gone. None of what I experience happens again. I am headed back home to Texas in a few days, so I should be fine.
G_light11 (2 stories) (12 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-12)
You are a blue ray one being... Trust me... I saw all the visions you had
Netil (1 posts)
6 years ago (2017-12-01)
Hi Stargazer,

I am sure there are many ways to interpret your experiences and what they could mean, if I would have to interpret them, I would do so based on my perspectives and "filters", the next person do so based on their perspectives, and so on. You would then (if you choose) use that info to draw your own ultimate conclusion. So let's skip a couple of steps and fast forward, which IS the most important thing, and THAT is what is YOUR interpretation? What do you think it means?

I get the feeling you already know, you seem to jump between two different frequencies/states of awareness in your post as you talk about each intuitive/psychic experience.

Beyond the meaning of each experience, I can tell you what "abilities" you're experiencing:

1. The first is premonition.

2. The second is sensitivity to etheric energy be that a being or the being is representative of something else, a thought form, someones energy, your mind might just be packaging that data as a "being", based on your current interpretation. Possibly it could also be result of your mental body not being completely grounded, in your body. So your body is picking up all sorts of data on a higher plane. This could be because of kundalini or whatever that resulted in your awareness "spiking" which led you into your current highly intuitive state.

3. The 3rd experience sounds like sleep paralysis and your mind moving between different brain waves, like delta, theta etc. Then you temporarily experience all kinds of wacky shiat, like fears or memories good or bad become real for your body, which is called lucid dreaming. That memory sticks out in your mind or surfaces sometimes during lucid dreaming, and as you know in dreams things can instantly manifest, so just be imaginative to get pass this specific lucid dream. Eventually it will go away, and you will experience other lucid dreams based on different themes.

4. Your final experience, I have also experienced plenty, the eyeball. Its your third eye, and the aspect of yourself which more closely relates/identifies with your consciousness, and less with your physical self.

Cool. Hope something above helps shed light on what you could be experiencing. As for the why or the meaning of each experience, that's for you to decide.


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