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I Know Who I'm Going To Marry


Ever since I was younger (I am now 17), I have had a lot of experience with extreme intuition and claircognizance. I never understood this as anything other than normal because I have always experienced these phenomenons so I never knew others couldn't feel things the same way. I just acted as if the way I operated was completely normal, until I began researching my deep feelings. About a week or two ago I began to research crystal children, and I realized this could be part of my answer. I now need an outlet for this situation, and I'm hoping to find someone who can help me find peace and assure that what I'm feeling is here for a reason. I have a specific scenario I am in right now and I don't know what exactly to do, because I know what is to come but I don't know how it's going to begin.

Excusing that introduction, there is a boy in my life that I haven't formally met but I know I will end up married to. There is a lot of blocks to how I will get to him, though. I know him through a mutual person in both of our lives, but I cannot see a way that this relationship could happen except for snapshot images of my future with him and the way I can feel something click into place when he's near me. I almost feel crazy-- because from the surface or "the outside looking in" it seems out of reach, but from the very first time my friend mentioned she knew this person (before seeing him, knowing his name, or meeting him) I knew I felt something for him and that he would soon realize he felt something for me, too. He has vaguely shown interest in me, but I have only heard flirtatious things or comments through other people. When I met him, he was very shy and almost standoffish. What has been worrying me is the way we will start connecting, because it's hard for me to standby and have so much insight of our future together but not be able to act on it yet. I have met him once, and I could sense that he was nervous and I could easily tell that there was energy between us. I also can sense that this situation and his feelings are going to be rough because of how we met (the person who we met through probably doesn't want us to be together, but it feels inevitable.) I feel so much for him already- I can feel his emotions and I understand the way he reacts to things, and I can feel that in some way our souls are meant to be near one another.

My strong intuition has given me the gift of knowing who to trust and who not to trust. Since I started high school, there has been plenty of opportunities for me to be in a relationship with boys I have had crushes on, but when they began to show interest back and ask me out on dates I instantly would know that wasn't the right path for me so I would take myself away from the situation or person. The boy I'm telling you about in this situation is the only boy I have ever felt such a deep connection to despite only meeting once (barely at that-- he was reserved and quiet) that has made me feel like this relationship is meant to happen and I am meant to feel these things. I feel like fate plays a big part in this, and it's past my abilities to know exactly how he will begin to show interest in me, but I cannot stop this from running through my mind.

I'm sharing this story in hopes of someone else having these feelings of something seeming out of reach but knowing its going to happen. I'm in search for advice for learning to deal with knowing the future but not knowing how it will end up that way, and I'm also reaching out to those who might also have sensitive intuition when it comes to romance and what I can do to find peace while knowing what I know but not being able to speed up the process.

Also, I think in a way I am searching for reassurance that what I'm feeling is legitimate and I'm not just simply "over thinking it."

Any advice, similar experiences, or information will be gladly listened to and accepted.

Thank you for reading.

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shadowrose (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-07-30)
I have had a similar experience as yours except I have yet to meet the guy I keep seeing flashes of the future with.
tINp (6 posts)
7 years ago (2017-01-12)
You are FINE. Smile and enjoy.
The below linked to video by super-psychic Teal Swan explains dimensions. In the 4th and 5th dimension your CURRENT life timeline can be viewed. HOWEVER, due to free will certain big life decisions my switch you to another timeline and the event may not occur. However, given the fact, you are experiencing what you are. There is a very healthy chance it will occur as you see. If you are determined for it NOT to occur, then you can change it.

This universe is free-will. The following video by Teal is very advanced, so I am directing you to the point in it where she briefly explains the 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensions.

You as a psychic child represent the next evolution of humans. It's a beautiful thing. Don't be scared... And immediately CLEAN UP your eating and drinking if you are experiencing any physical symptoms. There may be FLUORIDE in your water... Which will DESTROY your psychic powers. DRINK CLEAN WATER.

I am middle-aged and superhuman in my own ways. I am an Indigo here to help.

Peace and Love. TINp:)
goldguy (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-12-05)
I am so relieved to read this thread and to know that other people have had similar experiences.

I am gay and about two years ago I saw a waiter in a restaurant near my place of work and we just made eye contact and had a moment of intense and instant recognition. Shortly after that, I went for a session with a healer who turned out to be his sister. She asked me if I had met him, and told me about him. I have not seen him since but from that moment I knew he and I would end up together.

I have had it happen once or twice that I can lay in bed and know where he is or what he is doing. And when his dad passed away I could feel how upset he was. But as for the how, when or where of our future, I have no idea. At this point I am thinking of trying to initiate something with him just so I can know whether or not I am right in feeling this way. So, here's hoping we both get the guy.
Healthfoodanonymous (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-30)
Hi to all of you,

Well I fell in love with this guy. I was married at the time but my husband is very emotionally and spiritually cut off and is very money oriented where I am very spiritual. I fall in love with this guy and we are very spiritually connected. We wanted to be together forever and we were inseperable. My husband found out and took me to another state/ my boyfriend refused to talk to me. My boyfriend said he didn't care about me but then he would say he did. Well I can feel him. I know when he is thinking about me and I can see him clearly his heart when he is innocent and loves me and I can also feel his wrath when he's mad. I get clear signs about him. I feel like we never broke up except he's not actually here. At first I thought I was just emotional and upset after the break up. But odd things keep happening. My spirit belongs to him and I feel like we are still together spiritually even though we don't talk. It is taking a toll on me. I get used to just getting through like this but sometimes I get really Upset and have meltdowns because I can't see him or talk to him. I feel like I am having an imaginary relationship with him and I can't help it. A spirit comes on me and I am with him and all my emotions are real and raw.
I don't think I have schizophrenia because I'm getting masters in psychology and I would know. Plus I am normal every day in my other relationships. I can't help it but my heart and my body is with him. But he won't talk to me or communicate with me and I don't have his number.
lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-28)
Dear nacseo

This is not uncommon situation.
If you believe in reincarnation it will easily explain that since before you come back to material world you made a reincarnation plan and obviously marrige is inluded in most cases.

Dont be worried, things will settled by itself. What you can do is prey for your gardian spirit to have a clear mind, don't wait for confirmation you won't get it since free will will always prevail.

May be you are near to one of these spiritist center. I would recomend to visit and talk with them about


PO BOX 203502 -
Austin, TX 78720-3502
Ph: (512) 636-2148
Email: admin [at]
Contact: Fernanda M Wienskoski

611 North Dairy Ashford # 80
Houston, TX 77079
Tel.: (281) 496-6431

3530 Forest Ln Suite 40
Dallas, TX 75234
Email: info [at]
Phone: 9725460415

Allan Kardec Spiritist Educational Center
Austin, Texas
Contact: Marcus Torres
Tel 512 527-8788
Info [at]
IntuitiveMama (22 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-26)
I had the same thing happen to me. I randomly met a guy and just could not get him out of my system. I couldn't even understand why. I felt completely drawn to him. I knew we would be together. He was not anything special at all, just a nice person. We eventually lost touch somewhat, we would occasionally text one another a "Hi What have you been doing" maybe once or twice a year. Eventually I doubted that "feeling" that I "knew" we would end up together. Flash forward 9 years from when we met, he texted me that he was involved in building a stucture near my house and I immediately set the phone down and thought, "Uh oh." Within a month we were very much involved. That was 3 years ago and we are very happy together now!
Mortega (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-11-24)
Allow me to validate your insight. I am in the same boat as you, my psychic abilities seem to have boosted lately and I have finally understood it all. I have had visions throughout my life but it has had very weird and varied insight to the point that it is all completely out of context only now many years later does it all make sense.

My soon to be husband had been seen as well, the electricity of being around him, seeing him, and so on. It is inevitable that we will meet, like our souls are meant to be and sing to one another as we pass by each other. I too have had to go through a lot of hard things and one of them being that in high school I met him and we have been dancing around being with each other for years until I finally made my choice to go for it and now my insight is seeing it through to fruition after all this time.

Let me give you some advice. Trust your intuition and the goal is certain it's just the destination to get there is up to chance and trust me you are going to have a lot of fun getting there if you trust your gut and see it through to the end. Your situation is very much like how me and my future husband set up our endeavor and I am happy you are able to deal with it when you are younger.

Now some advice from me, heart to heart. Persue, don't let anyone get in your way if you are meant to be you will know it in your heart and weather you come together in this lifetime or the next you are going to get together. Do you want it to happen fast? Do you want it to work out naturally? Do you want to throw some bait and show interest in him like shoot a facebook message? To start the vision more in the favor you want you will have to make the choices and not leave it up to the wind. I know you won't have as much trouble as me when it came to this but it sounds like you have someone who may try to keep you guys apart, this happened to me too and don't worry about them. Focus on you two and the rest will follow, let the school year blossom and when the chance comes to initiate then go for it! It's not worth it to have this beautiful gift and not take advantage and apply it. Don't ever feel like you are overthinking the love of your life because if you back off and so does he you are both going to be messed up later in life with what if and having constant misunderstandings. I don't want that for you my dear, it sucks, go for him. You have the gift of sight so enjoy your blessing and remember to stay calm and have a lot of fun! I know you two are going to have a great time when you are finally together. Depending on how you handle the situation you could be high school sweethearts or later in life lovers.

Remember no matter how fast you make this future go it will happen but how it will happen? With sight you have the upper hand, especially because it is Your future and You can change Your future but you can not change Fate.

I hope this helped you and at the same time I hope I'm not sending you to the wolves. Either way I want you to be brave and I hope for the best. ❤

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