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Shadow Above Bed


Fellow believers, really hoping for some help with this head scratcher. It really has me stumped!

Last night I awoke from a very very deep sleep.

I cannot even recall dreaming which is unheard of for me.

I awoke to myself laughing and saying leave me alone (in a light hearted manner) and that's when I saw above me, hovering/suspended in mid air a black shadowy blob.

Not a human shape, just a mass of shadow, darker than the rest of the night in my room. My room wasn't pitch black as the moonlight seeps through my blind.

It moved away into the darkness of my wardrobe when I had finished laughing.

I was not scared, I recieved no bad vibes or feelings from this "thing"/ enitity.

I have dream visitations from people in the spirit realm but haven't experienced anything paranormal outside of a dream in my adult life.

A few paranormal experiences as a child however (being touched, shadow hands on tent walls, feet seen under doors etc.)

I have lost my dad and a school mate in the last week so wondering if this could have drawn anything to me as I have been quite down and feeling very negative (my car broke down dead on me this week too).

I am a science buff and I am not one to jump to a paranormal conclusion unless I have no rational explanation!

SO please, is anyone able to enlighten me?

I am at a loss.

Research has suggested that it may be my spirit guide, so I will get into meditation on this matter (a bit hard when you live in a houseful of people. We're like the brady bunch)

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spirit-world_veteran (7 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-05)
I've definitely seen what you've dealt with. I've seen these dark masses/blobs bounce around a room and hover over someone. I've never met your black mass but if you ever meditate, I suggest you don't do it in your room or anywhere around it because I'd be worried you'd open yourself up and it will take advantage of you. If you ever witness it whispering in your ear or hovering by your face, I would move rooms! If it starts doing this, and you feel yourself getting angrier in the mornings or when your about to go to sleep in your room, or just in general, I would say it is some sort of demon. Demons can only control you if you give in and slowly let it. I don't know your religion, but keep a 'book of holy words' by your bed and a cross/rosary/relic under your mattress where you lay or under your pillow.
Boson (179 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-20)
Hi sensitive_al,

Sounds to me that you have been visited by ghostly entities which is not really what you want. I agree with Enceladus that both protection and meditation would probably benefit you.

Timfaraos (426 posts)
8 years ago (2015-02-18)
As an orthodox christian, i'm protected! I don't need spirit guides, which could be demons in disguise! My spirit guide is JESUS CHRIST! The most powerful spirit in the universe! Our God and Father! And when I pray to him, He sends one of his magnificent and powerful holy angels to my side, to kick any demon a**! Jesus said: I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME, WILL NOT WALK IN DARKNESS... That's why I stay away from occult practices, channeling and comunicating with unknown spirit guides, etc. I have all the guidance and protection I want, I don't need any sorry a** demon to guide me! Visit the sister website: 'real life angel and demon encounters'. Good luck! Timfaraos [at]
Enceladus (guest)
8 years ago (2015-02-16)
I don't mean to discourage you, but the shadow does not sound like a spirit guide. When spirit guides do appear, they are in the form of a white mist, not black. I have experienced the same feeling towards dark shadows a multiple number of times. I would feel nothing and do nothing. It's as if the shadow or mist justs makes me stop thinking and doing whatever I was doing. I have this white, colorful mist that follows me around everyday with a dark, shadowy mist tagging along. I feel joy and love when I see the white mist, while nothing towards the black mist. Do continue to meditate, though. With meditation, you will be able to communicate with your loving guides who will do what they can to guide you on the right path, hence the name "spirit guides". I think that my white mist is a spirit guide as it always seems to scare away the black shadow. Because of this is why I think the black shadow you saw is not a spirit guide.

I agree about living with a house full of people. Just try to meditate when you can. Since meditation is just quieting that loud mind we all have, you can meditate while walking around, or doing the dishes and you get the picture. I simply focus on my breathing most of the time, but my favorite is imagining being at the place I want to be. You could call it a sanctuary if you wish.
*Do practice protection if you are not! I can tell you are becoming more open to spirits and such as you said this is the first time you experienced something outside of your dreams. Just simply imagine a ball of golden white light surrounding your whole body and you are done! This really keeps away a lot of the bad energies that slams into us during the day. You said you are feeling down after the death of your father and schoolmate which lowers your vibrational frequency leaving you vulnerable to negative energies/entities. The shadow might have been attracted to you. From my own experience when I am depressed or upset, I see many dark mists around me until I call upon white light after grounding myself.

Well this turned out long, but this information might just help you. Think happy and you will be happy! I'm sure your father and schoolmate is doing fine on the other side. Perhaps one day you might just be able to talk to them with some practice. 😁

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