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Demons In My Bed


I grew up in an old house next to a cemetry and it always bothered me. When I was about 3,I heard a dismembered voice call my name, ounce I also saw somthing with horns peering through my bedroom door, it disappeared quickly. In my early 20s, I use to be asleep in bed but half awake, enough to know what was going on around me, I would feel the weight of a person on top of me, and I would be pysically draged by my legs down the bed, I would wake myself out of the dream in terror, my hands would be on the pillow like I'd been pinned down, this happened night after night, and I would have a sinking feeling of dread that it had happened again. My family thought I was being silly, like I was making it up, but I new it was somthing demonic, I wondered why it was happenig to me. One evening I was in my bedroom, when I heard somone chanting outside, it was in some kind of foreign language, like Hebrew or latin. I was so scared I didn't look outside. I have dabbled in spirit boards, tarot cards and spirit writing, so I may have let soming evil in. I am now a Christian, and recently I had a similar thing happen, I was asleep but could see in front of me, there was an amber light above me, then I had electric shocks throughout my body, my whole body was shaking, like some kind of sezure, I woke myself up and comanded it to flee in the name of Jesus and it went. Being a Christian I know that spirits are demons they impersonate loved ones, and deceive people, but we have authority over them by pledging the blood of Jesus, I am no longer afraid because I know I have authority over it, but what happened to me was very unerving, like somthing you see in films

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Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2016-09-20)
Hi luckyduck,

It's very likely that the ouija board open up the door the spirit world let that demonic spirit in. I just cannot understand how they can sell ouija in toy stores (sorry I just had to say that). I am very glad to read the end of your story, that you have grown spiritually and found the Path in your life, and on your way gained the knowledge that calling Jesus for help in situations like that is in my opinion the easiest and best way to be victorious.


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