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Dreams Of Future Conversations


Since I was little I have always had vivid dreams. Mine have always been in color and as I've been reading here I, too never knew other people didn't dream in color. I thought just animals saw and dreamed in b+w. Anyway, depending on what's happening in my life at the time sometimes my dreams are more prophetic than others. My future dreams focus on conversations that I will inevitably have in real life later on. They are never really important, either! It's talking to a telemarketer on the phone in my dream, and having the same conversation a few days, or weeks, later. I believe this type of ability is called 'clairaudio', because I hear conversations in the future rather than necessarily 'see' what is happening. Weirdly the dreams I have of speaking to or hearing someone speak to me come true more often when the conversation is on the phone (in the dream). In real life, the conversations usually don't take place on the phone when they come true. Sometimes they do, though. And the phone in my dreams is always the old fashioned hand-held non-wireless kind. Every so often the dream will reveal something important or more significant than a sales call. Here's a few examples:

1. I dreamed I was speaking to my older brother on the phone (he lives on the East Coast- I live on the West Coast) and he said there was something wrong with his knee. With dreams like this I always call or write my mom or family member for confirmation. My brother had never mentioned any problems with his knee to me. I called my mom at first and she said she didn't know anything about my brother having trouble with his knee. A few months later I spoke to my mom again and she told me my brother had some knee pain and went to the doctor to have it looked at. They had found a cyst in his knee! It wasn't cancer or anything, and easily treated/removed.

2. I had a dream about this house I was visiting. At the time I lived with a boyfriend in an apartment, and we weren't looking at homes or anything like that. In the dream, the house was very interesting, I couldn't understand some of the things I was seeing- like a wall that was cut away in a place that didn't make sense, like inside a closet. When I woke up, I opened my dream journal and drew the house as I remembered it from my dreams, with lots of questions marks for the areas that didn't make sense.

I drew a house with a room that had a 'secret compartment' behind some shelves and a bench. I also had this strong sense of a veteran in that room and wrote 'veteran?' I labeled this room as the 'study'. I drew wainscoting on the walls. In another room, I drew a closed wall in a hall, but wrote, also open?, maybe a closet?, and dotted lines where I thought it was supposed to be open. Then I wrote that there were fruit trees at the house, but couldn't remember seeing them. I drew a big barn, with lots of machines inside, but wrote 'empty' next to it and several? Marks. I drew some old board stacked in one corner of the barn. I drew another room inside the house with funny windows that opened in an odd way (it's hard to describe here). By the time I was done it would never make sense to any other person. But the dream was so detailed and stuck with me for an odd reason.

A few weeks later, my boyfriend and I were taking a nice sunny afternoon drive together. We passed by this older white house that said it was for sale, and open for viewing that day. We decided to stop and take a look on a whim. Neither of us had ever even been in this neighborhood before.

When we went inside, I immediately had flashes from my dream. The back windows were stained glass, not regular windows. The owner explained that they had done extensive work over the years and there had been a lot of changes. She did not however tell us what those changes were.

I walked down one of the halls of the house, and pointed to one of the walls. I asked, 'did this used to be open?' She looked very surprised! She said yes, it used to be open there but they had closed it in with a wall many years before (honestly, you could not tell this by looking, so she was very shocked I had asked this).

Then in another room I asked, 'did this used to be closet?' Again, she said yes, looking very surprised. She said it had been a closet a long time ago but they had taken out one of the walls to open the space in the hall.

This all matched EXACTLY from my dream. It all made perfect sense to me now. I had dreamed not only of the house as it currently was, but also as it had been!

As we walked outside, I was hardly surprised to see an orchard! There were the fruits from my dream. And way in the back of this one acre property, was, you guessed it- a barn. We toured the barn, it was empty save a stack of old wooden boards in the corner. I asked if they had been working on a project recently and she said oh no, those boards had been there since she owned the house. Then in an afterthought she said, 'actually, my husband (now deceased she explained) used to do his projects in the barn. He had quite a lot of machines and equipment in here until he couldn't keep up with it anymore (his health) and he sold it all to our son."

Back inside, the last detail of my dream came true. She walked us back inside saying, I wanted to save the best for last! She took us to a room, with walls covered in wooden wainscoting- just like in my dream- and by the way the only room with it. Two of the walls were covered in floor to ceiling shelves. She explained they had the shelves custom built for the room. And then she said- "There is a secret compartment in this room, but we'll only tell the new owner where it is!". My mouth fell open. I walked over to the bench I saw in my dream. I asked if it was there. Her jaw fell open, too! Then I asked if someone in the military had built the bench. She said, as a matter of fact, her husband had built that for her when he returned from 'the war' she called it. She never did not answer me about the secret compartment but her reaction confirmed I was right, at least to me. We parted ways with smiles and hand shakes.

My boyfriend and I loved the house, but weren't looking to buy one. It made no sense why we would go look at this one. We didn't buy the house, or have any interest in buying it either. I had this dream for no real reason other than maybe to help me trust my dreams more. And because of this one amazing dream, I now pay much more attention to all the others. And when we got home that day, I showed him my dream journal of the drawings of the house. He was astounded at all the accuracy and detail. It was nice to be able to share it with someone who believed me, too.:-)

3. This is KIND of dream related: A few months before 911, I started getting this really bad sense, a foreboding if you will. It was so strong and constant I didn't know what else to do except write it down in my dream journal. What I wrote was this:

Death. Death is coming. Death is close. I can't figure out who it is. It doesn't feel like me, or any of my family. I can't get rid of this feeling of death, though. It feels so big. * And every day I kept writing: 'Death is coming'. When 911 happened, I knew instantly the grief I felt for those families who had loved ones in the towers and on those planes, along with millions of others who also felt that grief, was what I was feeling beforehand. That collective grief was more powerful than time itself, and it was felt months in advance by those tuned in to it. After 911, the foreboding was gone.

4. Here's a fun one that happened recently. I had a new friend that I dreamed about being on the phone with. In the dream, we were saying goodbye, but then she said 'I love you'. I responded. "...uh, OK...", feeling very awkward even in the dream, since we didn't know each other very well yet. A few weeks later, we were leaving a place and she was getting in her car saying good-bye, and in auto-pilot mode fired off 'I love you' before she could stop herself. We both burst out laughing and she apologized and was obviously embarrassed. She is like many people who are married or in a 'couple' who say 'I love you' automatically when saying good-bye to their spouse or partner and she was just in that mode. I jokingly returned 'I love you, too Meghan!' and we laughed some more and still joke about it today.

Because I use meditation and visualization in my spiritual practices, I started practicing Lucid Dreaming many years ago, when I was a little younger than a teenager. I didn't know at the time there was a 'method' to it or even a name for it. It was very natural for me to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Most people, I have read, lucid dream on their own without any effort (like astral projection). The practice of Lucid Dreaming is doing it on purpose, and being able to stay in the dream longer, without getting 'sucked out' as soon as you realize you are awake in your dream. I fin lucid dreaming to be easier when I am healthy and in a good place mentally and emotionally. If I've been sick, or have been angry about something for example, I find it harder to tap into my dreams. I also noticed when I am pregnant my dreams get much more reliable and prophetic.

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UnfulfilledPotential (1 stories) (5 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-30)
I'm 14 and I've dreams similar to yours for as long as I can remember, the main diference being that a lot of the time my hearing is impaired. I have noticed, however, that as I get older these dreams have became less and less common.
Stoshu (1 posts)
14 years ago (2010-11-21)
Hi, my name is Connor. I'm 13 years of age, and I know how you feel. I too have dreams, that show me something that's going to happen, or something that IS happening. I wish I could give you some advice, but I'm too confused to even take a crack at it. 😕

One of my more extreme experiences with these dreams, was when I watched my friend die in an earthquake. I've posted the story on this site before, but lose the password to the account, and can't find the darn story. I haven't gotten around to re-posting it yet.

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