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Life As A Roma During The Second World War


Before I start this story, I should first explain that I'm what's considered to be a "late blooming" psychic. My gifts didn't appear with until I was about thirteen years old. I went to bed one night a normal girl and woke up the next morning seeing spirits. I'm serious, one hundred percent.

Around that time was when I first discovered my most recent past life, thanks to a spirit named Nikolaus. It came in the form of a dream -- a very detailed, in-depth dream. I remember I was standing in some sort of train station with a group of people I recognized as my family, though they didn't look like the family I have now. They looked Indian. (By Indian I mean from India, not Native American.) My father was tall and somewhat overweight with a thick black beard rimming his ruddy face. My mother beside him was small, slender beauty with striking green eyes. I called them Daye and Dat. I had twin brothers who were significantly older than myself. I "knew" that I was about 17 and they were close to 25. Their names were Adam and Abel. I myself was called Nadja. We were standing by train tracks, huddled together for warmth. It was late autumn, early winter and snow was threatening to fall.

Then, the scene shifted to a few years later. It was hot and sticky and yet again, I was standing near train tracks. However, my family wasn't with me. Instead, I was in a large crowd of people who were all presumably waiting to get on a train. I felt very agitated, very angry. There were dogs barking, children crying, and everywhere, people were talking. There were so many languages being spoken all around me. Even though I didn't understand most of them, I could hear their tones. Every voice was fearful and tense. We didn't know where we were going and we didn't like it.

The train pulled up and everybody got on. It wasn't a normal passenger train. It was one used for transporting livestock. You could tell because there was still straw and filth inside. There were men in brown coats that helped us get in. They spoke German, a language I barely understood and didn't like. It was too rough on the ear, too guttural. I was put in a red car in the front corner by the door, packed in with far too many people. We couldn't move or sit down. We were in that train for perhaps two or three days. I can't be sure because I lost track of time.

I will never forget what I saw exiting that car. There was a giant tower, the biggest I had ever seen looming against the ominous grey sky. I was at the infamous death camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau. We were separated into two lines through a lengthy process. I had been in the "system" long enough that I understood if you went to the right, you were going to be killed. I wasn't examined like the other prisoners. The head officer took one look at me and told me to go to the right. The soldier at his side studied me for a long time in a way that unsettled me before it dawned on me. I knew him! He had recognized me. He was Nikolaus, one of my brothers' childhood friends.

Nikolaus examined my face, my eyes, my teeth, and my hands. He took note of the many callouses I had, most of which were from playing the cimbalom. Nikolaus and the head officer spoke for a while before finally coming to an agreement. I was allowed to step back into the line at the left. I was allowed to live.

As the accepted prisoners were being led through the camp, I was taken by Nikolaus to a separate area. My head wasn't shaved, nor was I given a tattoo or prisoner's uniform like the other people. I was sprayed with insecticide and led to a different part of the camp instead of the cell blocks. There was a cruel looking blonde woman who showed me to a room and left. Nikolaus explained briefly that he was sorry for the predicament I was in, but could think of no better alternative.

"This place is meant for death Nadja," he explained, "the work... It will kill you. The experiments will kill you. The people will kill you. As long as you're up here, you will be safe." Before I could ask him just what "here" was, he kissed my hands and left.

I soon found out that I had been placed in "Das KZ Bordell." (The camp brothel). I was allowed to wear civilian clothes, I had better food, and I worked a few hours in a garment repair shop during the early portion of the day. From about noon until 10 PM, I had know.

Nikolaus was my most frequent visitor, though most of his visits weren't for my services. He was content with my companionship. One memorable event was when he brought me a gift. Before becoming an officer at Auschwitz, he had worked at an army base where he fixed tanks and other army vehicles. He was promoted in status when he fixed a radio and intercepted an Allied message. Now at Auschwitz, he had fixed a radio so that it would play music and smuggled it to me as a gift. My little room soon became a hiding place (of sorts) for Nikolaus. Whenever he had free time or was shirking duties, he would come and visit.

As one could imagine, somewhere along the line, Nikolaus fell in love with me. I daresay I returned the sentiment. However, it was quickly destroyed upon hearing a vicious lie (or rather half-truth) from one of the other brothel girls. Nikolaus had been caught doing "things" with three other women when he was supposed to be away on business. Nikolaus explained it to me (some 90 years later!) with a tinge of embarrassment. At that time, Hitler was promoting unmarried women to get pregnant and have healthy Ayrian babies for the Fatherland. There was a program where unwed women could be impregnanted by SS men (who were screened for a vast assortment of genetic problems prior to acceptance into the pary). Nikolaus was chosen by a few women and well... The rest is history.

Upon hearing that lie, my heart was broken. I was utterly convinced that he didn't love me because I was a Romani, a social dissident. In turn, I became very cold toward him. He and I fought a lot from that point on. I refused to let him come and see me. Finally, everything came to a boil. I was working in the garment shop when Nikolaus came in for routine inspection. He was making very snide comments toward me and the quality of my work and I finally had enough. I called him a long string of profane words in Russian, threw something at him, and told him I had found someone new (a lie). He snapped. Nikolaus came after me and struck me hard across the face. I fell to the floor, but he grabbed a handful of my hair and drug me across the shop to throw me outside. I landed hard on the ground and tried to get to my feet, but he had already grabbed his gun and had it aimed at my head.

"Stop! Stop! What are you doing?!" an unfamiliar voice called. Nikolaus looked up to see a lower ranking soldier named Kristopher running toward him. "Get a hold of yourself man! We are low on supplies. We can't afford to waste any! Wait until tomorrow, when the gas-wagons come!" Nikolaus could agree with that logic. He resolved to wait until tomorrow to "personally escort" me to my death. I escaped that night.

(I know it sounds unrealistic, but before you scoff, there were actually a LOT of escapes from Auschwitz, probably due to the fact that the prison was so large, the death toll was so high, and nobody really payed attention to the prisoners. From what I've read, there were about 300 escapes that are known of and documented and many more that are neither.)

To sum up the rest of this life, my escape with Kris was successful. We eventually settled in Belgium by the end of the war in Europe. Kris proposed to me in May of 1945. We were married in December and had twin boys named Alexandre and Bernard the following winter. Life was very peaceful for us. We basically lived off the land as my Romani ancestors had done for centuries. Bernard was often in and out of jail in his late teens and twenties. After he turned 23, we never heard from him again. Alexandre became a shopkeeper, got married, and had a daughter. As time went on, he too disappeared. Nikolaus died in November of 1970 as an alcoholic dishonored veteran. He was never tried at Nuremberg. Kris died in 1981 of a sudden heart attack. After his death, I was never the same. In the local village, I became known as the "crazy gypsy witch" who never left her house. Eventually, I died in 1990 of pneumonia.

In the current day, Kris and Nadja have both been reincarnated and live within 10 minutes of each other. Nikolaus is a spirit who has yet to cross over. Kristopher is now known as Shea and hasn't changed much since his last life. Nadja is now incarnated as a young Jewish woman named Kayla who loves history and wants to make sure that the story of WWII and the prison camps is never forgotten so it doesn't happen again.

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The-Red-Daisy (2 stories) (9 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-27)
Just to clarify, I didn't know most of this information when I had the dream. A lot of the gruesome details of the Holocaust is censored out of the history books, so I researched the majority of this info on my own. I've tried to find evidence of Nadya, Kris, and Nick's lives, but so far, it's been uneventful. I highly doubt anything on Nadya will surface because she was illiterate. I have the same feeling with Kris, mostly because I can't recall much about him. However with Nick, I could probably find something. I've been searching like mad, especially after I found pictures of two people he claimed to know: Rolf Günther ( and Klaus Barbie ( Nick went further to describe them to me.

"Rolf and I got along quite well. He was the quiet type though, soft-spoken in a polite way. He and his brother Hans were both like that. Klaus on the other hand, he had something unsettling about him that I never could pin down. Behind his arrogant smile was a disturbing lust for blood, for violence. You could see it in his eyes."

So yeah. Nick is my one bet right now. I could try and look for bits of evidence about Nadya's sons, primarily Bernard (who was nicknamed Xerxes.) He died in some sort of accident involving fire, perhaps a forgotten landmine. There were stories after the war in Europe of people accidentally discovering landmines, though in most cases, the identities of the bodies couldn't be determined.

Just thought I'd give ya'll an update! Cheers! <3
DCinAZ (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-23)
I love your story. It was a very beautiful and colorful narrative that made me feel like I was right there with you. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope you continue to post more. You have an easy and flowing style that's very refreshing. 😊
frozenprincess (1 stories) (3 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-22)
The way you write this story is simply enjoyable, it really attracts me in the moment I read the title.

Also, I am absolutely impressed by your historical knowledge; it contributes a lot for the trance condition you have written here. It would be almost impossible to explain the state you had without appropriate knowledge about what happened when you were in that state. Great job.
Youth123 (2 stories) (2 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-21)
I loved your story too.
The same thing has happened to me but I was a Celt fighting the Romans. I was called Khiari and that I got caught the rest is to groce
joyy (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-16)
Thank you Red-Daisy for your story.:)


Thine Celestial Splendor wrote: "never forgotten so it doesn't happen again."

May I whisper something?

One way to ascertain it doesn't happen again is to end physical races by Scientifically and Spiritually Ascending our Biological Forms and giving Shapeshifting Ability to All - so all can be more fluid and realize the garments we wear (bodies) mean nothing.

I am sure there are 3000 other ways to make sure it doesn't happen again, but I am just offering one way.

A video on shapeshifting smartphones for Thee:


If you let me, I just want to sing to Thine Beauty All Sweet that makes me weep [in joy]:) that we are moving so fast in science, that within divine time, physical races won't exist anymore and we will become one Global Nation of Physical-Etheric Lightbeings. What I mean by that in a few decades, you can go to a beauty salon and using the latest tech change skin-eye-hair color in 5 minutes. In a few centuries you will even shapeshift your physical form totally in half an hour using far more advanced tech.

The future is more beautiful than most people dare to dream.:) If you told people 200 years ago about some of our technologies today coming true, they would label you as crazy.:)

By the same token, what shall come to pass by 7000 AD will dazzle all and will end all racism and religious fanaticism.:) The future is a cause of endless celebration.

It's possible you saw this life, so as to be more motivated to help humans to end racism.:) And maybe even more motivated to help Infinite Intelligence to bring a paradisian world here of Raceless Shapeshifting Teleporting Physical-Etheric Lightbeings. Science explains how space-time cloaking can allow the illusion of appearing and disappearing - as in teleportation. Science can allow us to understand that many miracles are basic astral events done by former humans in low-middle spirit worlds (spheres encircling the earth). Learning new things, as in science or astral projection etc, helps us to increase IQ and discern which Life Purpose or Future visions are subconscious imagery, which come from middle form-based spirit worlds and which come from higher formless spirit worlds more connected to universal intelligence.

Space-time cloak:

God (Infinite Possibility for atheists who may read this) loves everyone unconditionally. God is always loving earthlings, the "new kids/babies on the galactic block". If a mother is with her 3 month old baby and the baby accidentally spills a glass of orange juice, does the mother get angry at the baby? Not really:) she may laugh.:) She realizes that the baby just did not know any better, and she continues to deeply love the baby. If that same baby dirties its diapers while they are at a fancy restaurant, does the mother stop loving the baby? No:) She knows that the baby just does not know any better, so she loves the baby anyway. In fact, there is nothing that that baby could do that would cause the mother to stop loving it:) Likewise, there is nothing earthlings could ever do that would cause God to judge us or to stop loving us and helping us through science to learn to shapeshift our bodies, end races and become a spiritual planet, or a grown up teenager planet:)

How could INFINITE INTELLIGENCE judge or not find beauty in and reasons to love tiny helpless clueless babies:) ?
'God' is always infinitely loving earthlings as we grow from infants to teenagers.:)

From my heart to Thine sweet warm heart full of infinite love-compassion-genius,
Truly excited that someone loves us dearly as we discover the never ending wonders,

Ps: feel free to email me if you have a feeling that I could help you to create a world free from racism and focus on outer appearance (instead of focus on the 'Inner Soul').:)

❤ ❤
Doublemint (3 stories) (261 posts)
13 years ago (2010-11-16)
Oh my goodness great story just reading through it made me think of my father.

Rashidah (guest)
13 years ago (2010-11-16)
Your story was excellently told. I loved it.

I too am a late bloomer:)

I liked how you calmly explained everything in great detail.

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