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Hearing Was Muted During Conversation


Recently, I have been calling on the archangels and when I do I experience ringing in my ears or chills all over my body however I had an unusual experience while giving advice to a friend. We were discussing lower energies that like to hang around for the drama of ones lifestyle. My friend feels he may have something hanging on or fighting his desire for accession due to his old life patterns of alcoholism and verbal abuse. He mentioned that he feels a gut wrenching feeling when he attempts to seek positive spiritual practice. While I was telling him that he may need to clear his lifestyle of what or who brings him back into old patterns, I experienced pressure and muffling in my right ear. It was as if my hearing went out. This lasted for about 10-15 seconds. Has anyone experienced this when giving clearing advice to someone who might be under the influence of low energy spirit? I sensed that if this were true, whatever is hanging onto him, for hopes of cycling him back into destructive patterns, was trying to block my connection to my guides. Could this be psychic attack? Or was this an affirmation like my guides saying "bingo"? All in all my friend felt that this was helpful advice, as it would be for anyone. He had also mentioned it was in synch whith the advice he received at his last psychic reading.

I am getting more tuned into my gifts while pushing through my own fears regarding them. Perhaps I'm afraid but I just don't have enough experience to discern what happened today during the conversation with my friend. If you have had this happen and you can help explain, I'm open to your truth.

Thank you


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Crystalgal (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-16)
Cant say I have any answers but can say this happened to me once last summer. I was never exactly spiritual until I moved into a house that I believe had some sort of spirit in it that was trying to harm me (because my health was diminishing rapidly after moving in and someone had committed suicide in the house that year). I was googling what to do if you have a negative spirit in your home while sitting in the back seat of my friends car, when all the sudden my hearing completely muffled and almost "muted" for 10-15 seconds as yours did. I found it very odd but it has not happened since.
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-11)
Hello LisaBirdy.

Energies are all around us. There are many types of it, many different ways it can influence us and many different way we can react to it. It is common for energies of dark, negative nature to create such sensetions and outcomes, so I suggest you shield and cleanse yourself a lot more when outside or when you try to contact your guides. A lot of harmful energies would die to harm, or mess with us in any way, so it's good to always be cautious.

As for your friend, I suggest he takes baby steps. Change of lifestyle is never easy BUT it can happen. Demons and other creatures and beings, that do not stand for the light, play a role at one person's downfall, if allowed by them. So make sure he fights with all he has. He who granted permission must now deny it.

Best wishes to both of you, and if you have any further questions or wish to contact me for help or any other reason, don't hesitate:) I have my email up on my profile.

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