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Missing Strength And Protection


From a young age I new I was different, I could see things that others couldn't see and feel others emotions and just know things, growing up I actually thought it was all in my head and that I had mental health issues... No one would understand I became depressed, experienced panic attacks and hide myself away from the world and became an agoraphobic. Other's feelings overwhelmed me and I had enough emotions of my own to deal with and I didn't know who's emotions I was actually dealing with. Things went from bad to worse when I started to see big black spiders bigger than tarantulas as I opened my eyes before going the toilet through the night they were above my head when they noticed I new they were there they'd come closer to which I startled and bopped the scary freak right on the head I would jump out of my bed and it would run up the wall across the ceiling and disappear into the corner of the ceiling! I saw these regular accept they were smaller and every time I saw these the next day I would be given money, it became a joke to me & my husband I'd say we're getting money tomorrow and we did. So I called them 'money spiders' after that I started to see a cloud above my bed as I woke, it was beautiful it was sparkly like glitter and moved side to side I lay there staring at it and stayed there, I stood up on my bed and waved my hands through it, to which my husband startled and said 'wow what is that' to which I replied YOU CAN SEE THAT!? In amazement, he said's slowly took itself off across the room and vanished up into the loft, it was beautiful. Every now and again I'd wake up and I'd see words floating in front of my eyes it would be names, the first one said Elsie 2 weeks later my husband's auntie died, next was my uncle Cyril, my Grandad Cyril had told me to tell my uncle to go to the hospital I was confused I thought if I tell my family they'll disown me, they already think I'm mental then my grandad showed me a coffin I told my husband I was crying saying what shall I do? He said you can't do anything, I think he thought it was a my imagination because he doesn't want to believe in things like that he'd rather not know, so 2 weeks after that, my uncle died of a heart attack. I was so depressed and blamed myself, then I had a mary nan... The very next day my nan fell over and broke her knee on holiday, I seem to get signs about the family I love getting injured or dying. There were others that followed don't want to name them all I'm running out of letters lol

When my nan died though this time was stronger, I was so depressed I would eat and confined myself to my bed I give up my heart was broken I was at home by myself 'there were no windows or doors open' when a white balloon on a string floated from downstairs up to my bedroom it circled my room twice before stopping at the end of my bed then it slowly travelled over my feet towards my hand I was in disbelief it was my nan and she told me in my heart that she was okay and happy and she wants me to get in with my life and that she loved me very much and that she is sad that I am sad, she shouted at me and said get out of that bed.

I sense my father in-law too he is always there directing me in the right path throughout my days. Something made me chuckle the other night, I said Nan where are you? If you were here you'd smack ian on the head for me... 2 nights ago my husband was lying on the couch watching a movie to which he fell asleep and then someone smacked him across the head he jumped up and shouted why did you do that 'he thought it was me' he told me the next day... I was like 'I don't know' secretly thinking oops it was my nan teehee:)

Recently I've had 2 mediums telling my husband was cheating on me, I also sensed it myself. It all started when he got a new car (the beast) he called it, he wanted to buy gadgets for it so he said he'll be home late he was going straight to a car shop and not to do is tea, so I said yes okay! That night when he came home he walked through the house and he had a bright pink lipstick kiss mark on the corner of his lips and I said ooo who have you been kissing 'thinking he'd bumped into a relative' he said no one in an angry voice to which I thought why are you so nasty? So I was like a dog with a bone then 'you have lipstick on your face to which he stormed into the kitchen and wiped his face with a tea towel and said no I haven't your being stupid. I said did you go to the car shop he said yes, their was nothing there that I liked I said we're is the car park ticket he said it's in the car I said get me it please I'd like to look at it... To which he then said sharp and short I never got a ticket the machine was broken so then I kicked off and quizzed him and said why are you lying, he said I'm not lying stop being silly your imaging things. Later on that night I wouldn't go to bed I couldn't go to sleep I felt really ill. He said okay I'll tell you the truth there was a girl with a kiss bucket for charity and a gang of lads where shouting give her a kiss for £2 he said no I'm married and the woman grabbed his head and gave him a kiss. I didn't believe him cos he knows that I wouldn't get upset over that. Anyway it was a very tense weekend he kept hovering around me which made me uneasy and sickly. I then planned to follow him to work that Monday! Which I did, when I walked in his new work place 'the girl that had trained him' nearly jumped out of her seat the look she gave me is imprinted on my brain since then I've quizzed him he suddenly shortens his breath and panics and then starts telling that he loves me and that he'd never do that to me, he then won't leave me alone he follows me around the house and wants cuddles all the time he's very clingy, the medium said I need to catch him, I said I can't cos he's clever she said I need to be cleverer! I can't take the stress I just need to know I hate not knowing, I can't do anything if he says nothing happened. I told my sister and she basically said can you blame him if he did 'meaning with my depression and panic attacks' I have an illness it would be different if the shoe was on the other foot were married 'through sickness and in health. He even asked if I wanted to sleep with other men that I could and he could sleep with other women it would be okay because it's not cheating he asked this cos I'm bi sexual and he thought I'd accept, I said no why would you ask that? I did actually think about it for a second

I'm so miserable at the moment! Anyway this is my story so far. X

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Proudmum1978 (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-01)
Can anyone help me, I have recently got more signs, I have no one I can talk to and I really need advice on the husband situation please can someone comment on my above situation. Thank you x

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