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Is Dozing An Illness, A Gift Or A Curse?


I have had these psychic dreams ever since I can remember. One of the first psychic dreams was when I was about 11 years old. I was going to the mountains, riding on a horse along with an uncle of mine. All of a sudden I was in the middle of an awful accident that had occurred while a police chase. What happened was that a couple of hoodlums robbed a bank and while they were being chased by the cops, they figured that by running over someone that the cops were to stop to give auxiliary assistance. The bank robbers ran over a motorcycle whom was carrying three individuals and killed them. In my psychic dream I saw pieces of flesh all scattered around. There was a group of people already gathered together giving these three disafortune persons some respect and we all were trying to pick up all the flesh pieces to bury along with their bodies.

When I woke up I said to myself, Thank God, it was only a dream. I remember this nolstalgic moment an extremely sad feeling and the whole world seemed to be opaque grayish. My whole surrounding felt extremely depressing almost to the point of having a suicidal attack. I remember starting to get scared because for a moment I thought I had been lost some where out there where I had no clue and all I wanted was just out. At this point I heard a song playing and didn't think much of it at that time. The song that was playing that particular moment I woke up from this psychic dream, and to this date every time I listen to that song that was playing when I woke up it seems that I relive them moments from that tragedy. I get to see all the flesh that was tore to pieces, fingers, toes, elbows, leg ancle, ears, etc... I did not know at that moment that it was a psychic dream, to me it was a nightmare that after awakening I still could remember everything clearly as if it was something that I had already lived and witnessed.

Three days later my uncle Lupe invited me to go help him with the cattle, the sheep and goets he had out in the mountain. On my way to help my uncle with the cattle, I got to live exactly what I had dreamed three days before. I had a real hard time trying to make ends meet. For a moment I thought that I was chosen to dream this dream and that I had failed to recognize it and to avoid it. Over the years what I have noticed and have learned is that psychic dreams are remembered completely as if they were memories that we have already lived, unlike common dreams I will not remember not even a 20% and by the evening I will probably forgotten it.

I am lucky that I have learned to distinguish between ordinary dreams from the psychic dreams and have helped to avoid a lot of catastrophies. I know that we will never be able to avoid the impossible yet there is a stronger Energy full of Goodnesss out there always watching for those whom do good. My Psychic dreams have helped me to save my life, they have helped me to avoid ugly outcomes to my whole life circle of love ones and most important of all they have helped me to save my olders sons' life. I have learned to ignore them people that will never understand what we go through, to them we are just a piece of nutcases with out any hope. If they were to have an open mind this world would be a wonderful world.

Over the Years, what I have noticed, is the way that my body detaches itself from my brain when it is perceiving any future problems, tragedies or anything just plain negative.

Any one that is familiar with DOZING please let me know why it is that we have these future visions. The doze itself could be a couple of seconds and that is all we need to see from beginning to ending of the incident we are being foretold, for us to see the exact same thing that will happen except that we know the outcome, therefore this is the part that we have been blessed or cursed with, The ability to change bad negative outcomes.

This is just one story I have many more stories that am going to be writing. Hope to get some feed back from everyone whom is familiar with what I have to deal with. Many say, how they wish to be able to see the future and know what it is that will be happening, really you don't want to know the future. I thank my Lord for always whatching over me and my love ones, by giving me the ability to recognize the situation and how to manage what we are, who we can be, and when we need to react without a hesitation.

Thank You;

Markuz Rockuz

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