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Who Are You?


Have you ever felt a weird connection to someone?

To someone you never met?

I am not saying about idols or Internet relationship.

In my case, I felt a connection to the name 'Henry'.

Come to think of it, it's not just the name.

I don't know when this had started but I kept dreaming about this guy (whose face I will never see). In my dreams about him, I felt that I knew him. And that we are supposed to be together. But I always felt intense sadness that come along with this feeling. It's like, a sad longing feeling.

Especially when I woke up. I will feel so sad that I will cry and I felt like 'why aren't you here with me right now. I miss you so much'.

I know it sounds weird. It's weird to me but this had been going on for years. Not that every night I will dream of him, but I know when I dream about him. It's just a strong feeling.

So one day, I woke up again feeling this heartaching pain making me feel all sad and stuff, I thought to myself that I will give him a name.

And the first name that popped up in my head is 'Henry'.

Then I felt another weird feeling that he likes being called 'Henry' (or maybe that is his real name. I really don't know)

Sometimes when I dream about other things like having a relationship with someone or some idols I will wake up and felt like 'Henry' is upset over my dream and I felt like crying as though I've betrayed him or something.

But I don't only get this feeling when I am asleep or just woke up.

Sometimes during the day, when I was working or doing some stuff or when I am feeling particularly down, I will think of 'Henry' and I will get the same sad feeling. Like I really wished he is here with me.

This feeling does not happen even if I met someone named Henry. It's just that 'Henry' from my dream.

I really hope that anyone could shed some light to this matter because I don't know if this is something psychic or it's just a... You know what dream of a woman.

(I didn't tell anyone about this because I am afraid of being called a desperate)

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shitzu123 (17 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-25)
Thinkk of it this way, if it was something positive would it really need to make you feel the way it does?

Whatever it may be, it has a purpose in making you want to make a stronger connection to it.

I would advise you to be careful as you have no knowledge of what this "strong" connection is and you don't want to be opening yourself up to something that could harm you in the long run.
biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
5 years ago (2017-03-22)
I don't think your desperate

But I have gone through something similar myself I think I can be of a little help then

I know what you mean if you say that connection is strong or if you feel like they're real

All in all in my waiting to I don't have to wait any more found him... But it did give me s learning experience as visions for myself I had not seen come to pass until now so I didn't know how to expect it what it would all look like. But now it has so I'm able to look back and realize where I got over emotional and where were my abilities telling me look for these signs... It did go on for years for me as well (I'll be 30 next month)

But now he's here I know now he's not exactly a psychic so he didn't seem to expect me as I did him he had a tattoo on his back but not what I expected. He moved very very very fast with me as I had seen in dreams and I some how willingly took a chance on him at the time still scared what if I'm supposed to be waiting for some one. (a chance I saw myself take in my dreams and pretty much laugh that would never happen I'm not a risk taker... Well I am now)

But after my risk I took did it then became very clear to me, wait I saw all these signs way before I met him... Well now I've learned appearance don't matter as that was probably his past life image I saw my soul would know that but I wouldn't know Etsy he looked like currently until I met him (honestly think that was just god's way to make sure I kept my trust in him to guide me that he knew the way)

But I realized my ability showed me tiny things to look for like how he's onry how he has a tattoo how he'll never leave my side loyaly... Grandted though he is not psychic we are still very connected, he knew I was his one even before I did and had already made up his mind to be with me even if I didn't choose him (clearly I'm not stupid to pass up some one that amazing)

All in all on the journey when he finally came into my life I realized there was never any reason for me to fret worry or wander if he would ever show up, some things are truly ment to be and will find its way and don't worry about what's a sign and what's just dream you'll know and figure it out when it all comes to pass you'll know who they are what they mean to you... It may take a few months while getting to know them but something will hit you and you'll just know... And when you know you learn from it and realize your not nuts your soul is just very sensitive to the person you know you need and desire to meet one day and I hope your blessed that they be as understanding as my love has been to me... I believe in being completely open with a person you love. I told him all about my experience and oddly he didn't call me crazy but seemed to be very understanding and understood how I might feel confused (and clearly to me he's happy I took a risk to realize I found him and he's the one I was waiting for)

I hope this is a bit of help for you giving my experience... Honestly I've been thinking about posting it here to be of help to other to be honest your not the only one expiencing stuff like this I know of two others that have posted on this sight as well I was a bit to nurvus to post mine. Though now my lovey is with me and I know how it all unfolds and it be more hopeful for others than confusing if I might actually post it now

Well I better be off now bless you on your journey may you find all your answers and what your looking for and even more that your not alone and not crazy. Your on a journey yes but not alone or crazy ❤

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