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I Don't Know If I'm A Medium Or Not


I'm don't know if I'm crazy! I'm mia, I'm 13 and I have always been interested in the paranormal and I have really never experienced the most normal things... I just thought I was normal. I believed I had a ghost in my house and when I was around the tv would shut off or the dish washer would start going and maybe the back door would open and at night I would hear foot steps in the hallway but no one else in my family would hear it. When I walk into a room I can sense good and bad energy and other spirits around me, never thinking much of it I thought it was normal but when I tried talking about it no one seemed to relate. Most nights I will wake up suddenly because of the feeling someone is watching me. When I walk into rooms filled with people my head hurts. I have only told 2 of my closest friends and more and more things have been going on and I really need someone to help me out. I have been doing research and I guess its only supposed to get more hectic. I have also had a few out of body experiences also. Sometimes at night I hear whispers. My dads owns a steak house and by far its haunted. I can feel the energy there. Also I feel like at my grandmas house the energy is constantly like, bugging me I guess. One time I had a dream, recently that my dead dog told me to tell my dad he was alright in heaven. I woke up from that dream but I felt like I had to tell my dad but I'm not sure he my dad understood. I'm really scared that if I tell people at school they will think I'm crazy. Help?

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1020coco (24 posts)
6 years ago (2017-03-21)
Hi Mia123,

What you're describing is being a medium. Being drawn to the paranormal is not unusual and many people that have these abilities find themselves interested in these topics as well. I know this can be a difficult time because the answers aren't there and other people are not able to help if they haven't experienced these things. I'd like you to keep in mind that you don't have to figure it all out right away. This is a slow process and you will only be given what you can handle. Remember you're angels and loved one's will always protect you. It's important that you always stay postive and not worry or have fear. This happened to me and I ended up fearing night time and caused me a lot of anxiety for many years. Now I have peace at night and I am not scared when I see a person that has passed away. I ask them who they are and I direct them to the light with the help of their angels and mine. You'll be able to help others, but keep yourself strong. Get rest and if you can meditate that will be the best way you can increase your abilities. Hope this helps.

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