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Who Are You? Why Are You Here In My Meditation?


I'm Christine and I made this account just to ask this.

Today I did a guided hypnosis meditation for the first time on ridding the subconscience of negativity.

Well, I while I was pretty much at the end of the session, I imagined myself opening my eyes to a black, tall skinny figure starring, standing over me, wearing a creepy mask.

It was terrifying and I knew it didn't have a face under the mask. This sent fright through my body. I don't know what it was.

Now, quick rewind, in the beginning of the mediation I envisioned myself holding the hands of something that was coming out of a pitch black door way (which represented my sub-conscience) asking it to please open itself, as it hugged me.

In the middle of my meditation I was in a realm where I was supposed to see my higher self, to which I saw a being made up of stars and cosmic dust who was massive... But there was something else... There was a being, skinny, tall and pitch black on top of a pyramid with a white circle on its head that had white light coming out of it.

This isn't my first time with this creature, I also had a dream with 5 of these beings (the tall black skinny ones) surrounding me when I was 7.

What is this thing?! Does anyone have any idea?

(I was also once warned that spirits act upon a different law than humans so sometimes if you come into contact with one their appearance can be frightening, but that doesn't mean its bad.)

I really need some answers. Should I be worried, or not? Is this my 'spirit guide', a manifestation of my negativity, or an unwanted friend?

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1020coco (24 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-23)
I agree with starsofclay. My first thought was your Spirit Guide wouldn't come through with an image that would frighten you.

Think about this, if you are ridding yourself of clothes in your closet for spring cleaning. You will have to deal with unwanted clothes. Things that you don't want in anymore. Possibly the same scenario is happening, your meditation is to rid yourself of negative thoughts so the negative thoughts appear and the next step is to be rid of them. So hopefully part of your meditation was to eliminate these areas of your subconscious.

Surround yourself with the white light when you meditate and when you wake up and go to sleep at night and know that your meditation was successful. It surfaced and you got rid of it.
starsofclay (4 stories) (61 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-21)
This is of course hard to answer, and only your own intuition will be able to truly answer for you. It may take a few more experiences like this for you to come to a conclusion. So I will just tell you a few possibilities...

I don't think it is your spirit guide, as they should be smart enough and sympathetic enough not to show themselves as anything scary.

It is, of course, possible that it is a figment of your imagination... A remnant in your imagination from the nightmare you had when you were 7. Your subconscious could have been silently holding on to this negativity, embedded as one of your fears, and this guided meditation brought it up the surface and/or healed it.

If this is an entity, like you said it is not necessarily bad or evil. Don't mistake your own fear of it as an indication that it is something to be feared. Only people that are in touch with their intuition and trust it, can know if the fear they feel is a part of intuition or just basic human fear. It is important to learn the difference.

Go ahead and do some protections (white light being the most popular) before you meditate anyway, just to be on the safe side.

I would say until you know for sure, don't engage the entity. Just observe it and see how it truly makes you feel when you see it.

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