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I Am Gaining Strength In My Abilities


Growing up, I was always lucky. Always a winner. A game of chance? I would win more times than not. At 29 I moved into a old house. One of the very first built in the town I lived in. I loved everything old in this house. Except for the human tissue in the refridgerator and the pickled human heart on the fireplace mantle, all were take out before I viewed the place. A doctor lived here before me and he dissected bodies to determine disease. I signed a year lease and was so happy to have this beautiful place. I soon realized things were not right in this house. I was expecting a baby and the rooms upstairs did not feel right. I set up my nursery upstairs but NEVER put my baby in the crib. She slept by me in a bassinet in the living by my mattress. There were certain rooms I would rarely go into. I was feeling depressed and soon realized the place was haunted. I had a man knock on the door and he told me he was raised in this house and did I know it was haunted. I said, yes I know. He asked me which rooms felt funny to me and I proceeded to tell him of the 5 rooms that were really bad. Those were the same rooms he had experiences in. Someone holding him, turn around, no one there. That kind of thing. I explained I was stuck in a lease and still had 6 months to go. This is when I realized I was different. I love antiques and I am an antique dealer. I can feel old things and they give me happy, warm feelings. But I have felt negative energy in some of the houses I have to go into. I went into a house and it had a elevator in it. I automatically felt the feeling of shortness of breath, sickness, had to get out that I remembered from the house I lived in. I said nothing just left, vowing never to go back into that house! I knew the center of evil in that house was in the elevator. About 6 years later a person I knew bought the house and a few years later she called me and told me she believed her house is haunted and she had some native americans do a ritual on the house. They took two sticks like a devining rod and found a spot in the house where it was the worst. She asked if I would like to buy some tins from her. They were by the spot they had pointed to. I said I would come by. She showed me the spot and that is when I blurted out, Your tins are not haunted, but I know what is. She said, What then? My daughter saw a little girl (ghost) in this very spot and the rods pinpointed it. I told her it was the elevator. She freaked out and said the spot the rod had hit was exactly where the elevator was. They had pulled the elevator out when they moved into this house so she couldn't even think why it would be haunted in that spot. I have also had dreams that have been bizarre to say the least. We bought a house to use as a rental and I felt the lady that lived there was upset with me for painting her house. She had passed away. That night, I went to sleep and half way through the night I sat up and screamed, Get the hell out of my house! In someone elses voice. It was truly freaky. Another time I was working on strengthening my abilities and went to bed. Half way through the night a little girl appeared at my bedside the next thing I knew she was trying to dig through my chest. I feel she was trying to possess me. I woke up tired from fighting all night with the girl and vowed that would not happen to me again the next night! I had to set limits in my head. When I went to bed I would imagine shutting huge doors and no spirits could enter my dreams. This actually worked for me and I have had no problems since. I don't know when I was working on strengthening my powers if I was doing it wrong? Why did this girl come to me, it felt so real. I went to a healer and found out that I do have the power of feeling. Clairsentience. I cannot live in large cities because I feel the negative energy all around me in the destitute people. It makes me depressed and anxious! I settled for a small town with a very low crime rate. It has helped and I feel positive energy in nature when I take walks with my dogs.

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eightheye (2 stories) (5 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-27)
That's awesome, good for you. One thing I do is ask for help from my ancestors. Stay safe. ❤
-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-16)
It sounds like you are able to sense energy and that's why you can't live in a big city and perfer the woods. It also explains how you were able to tell which rooms where occupied by spirits and why the girl attcked you. She tried to possess you cause people who sence energy are more vulnerable to possession so you where an easy target.

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