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Sleep Paralys What To Do And What Does It Mean?


The thing is I turned 18 last week and went out to drink on Friday nothing more with that I came home on Sunday I was home alone,

What's so weird is that when I finally starts to feel some purpose or what to call it in life is that I had a sleep paralysis it started with a weird dream where I was running around really fast just outside my home and looked around with my eyes as if I where in some roller coaster then I woke up looked at my phone on the floor to check what time it was after that I tried to sleep.

I see some images of women in a pub or something through my phone I scroll down then back up and the women that sat on the side now had her back against me in black clothes and black hair kind of like a horror movie she's looking down at the floor then it becomes a lite blurry but I hear an old lady with an evil voice singing I can't really hear what it is about nor if it was in english but I could feel she was in the right corner (I am on the left side), and I could actually see a part of (not much), shadow maybe a face even tho it was dark.

It becomes worse she's singing more and I feel as if I got stabbed in the back with a knife in the right lower part of my back in sync with the singing.

I got really scared, I could move a little not much open my eyes and breath was not a problem tho then after a while I saw a white light coming from the door sweeping the shadow away and I was able to move and speak again.

Now this was a sleep paralysis I am sure of that but I got I few questions

1.why is it that so many are seeing the same thing or very similar?

2.What was that white light?

3.What to do if this continue?

4.Some say they got scratches after a sleep paralysis is that even possible?

5. Why did this happen right after my birthday?

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Enceladus (guest)
7 years ago (2015-03-05)
You can still enter an OBE. Sleep paralysis is the best time to enter so it can't be any different from a self induced sleep paralysis and an accidentally induced sleep paralysis.

I will try to answer your question again. Now I have thought up of another reason why so many are seeing and experiencing something similar. When people have these experiences for the first time, they are filled with thoughts of fear. This rather attracts negative entities as they feed off of fear which is why many feel a negative presence.

A protective being can either be someone you knew, or just a being who protects. Perhaps you could investigate about the light you saw if you can. Try to pay attention how you feel towards the light you saw. Try to ask questions about the light.

I think the reason why you saw the woman is probably the energy electronics emit. I once saw a ghost investigation show and they used a T.V. That was all static and fuzzy. They filmed the T.V. And an apparition appear. The electromagnetic energy emitted by electronics helps beings appear, so I think that is the reason why you saw the woman on your phone.
fallout (1 stories) (1 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-05)
Can I still enter an OBE if it is a negative entite?

That doesn't answer why everyone are seeing very similar things when in sleep paralys?

Protective being is that someone you knew passed away and/or just a being that protects everyone?

When I read about sleep paralys a few months ago I promised my self id never get panic or scared if it would happen to me but I got chocked and wasn't prepared I actually laugh when I think about now.

I forgot to ask in my story but why do you think I saw I women in the picture and hear an old ladys voice?

Thanks for the fast answer!
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-03)

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to protect yourself every time you do spiritual work.

Enceladus (guest)
7 years ago (2015-03-02)
Sleep paralysis can be a chance to enter an OBE or astral projection and a lucid dream. Yet there is more to this. The woman seems to be malevolent and could be causing your sleep paralysis. Negative entities can be part of the cause of sleep paralysis. The other cause would be just you waking up while your body is asleep which is the wrong answer in your case. Below are the answers to your questions in the same order.

1. The planet is lifting its vibrations allowing the abilities that were hidden away in the depths of our minds to surface at an increasing rate. People also say that we are now within the fourth dimension after infamous 2012 which is possibly from the rare galactic alignment during that December. Our conscious minds are now more open allowing us to interact with beings from the spirit world and the astral planes. As we are becoming more open, this means more paranormal phenomena which includes sleep paralysis.

2. The white light could either be a guide, or a protective being. The white light you saw made the woman leave at its presence which means the light is good of course. The energy guides, angels, and other protective beings emit can make negative beings go away as they have a hard time handling such high vibration energy.

3. Protect yourself. Ask your guides to protect you and they will. Just ask and they will come. You can have white light fill your body. What I like to do is imagine myself glowing as bright as the sun. Another thing you can do and add on is to make a shield that you can program to allow positive energy in and keep negative energy out. Crystals are a good choice as well. Black tourmaline is the most recommended to use. Pretty much almost all black crystals will protect you. Another good one is smokey quartz.

4. Scratches can happen and is usually related to the demonic. Luckily, this is uncommon. One should still be wary even though the chances seem very unlikely.

5. This one is a wall for me. I haven't found an article that explains why such experiences happen after birthdays. I think that people become very open during and after birthdays which can lead to an increase in paranormal and psychic activity. Sometimes, abilities might just open up. This is only my theory though.

I hope my answers helped you solve your questions or at least parts of them. 😊

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