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The Birds And The Boy With Blue Eyes


One time I was home by my self and all of a sudden my birds outside started flapping their wings and squawking really loud, thinking a cat from a couple doors down was attacking them I went out side, however before you go outside you have to open the blind thus seeing the bird cage, when I opened the blind I suddenly saw a little boy, he was opening the cage door... Yet he didn't see me, I banged on the door and he looked up, he had these emerald green eyes and this long blond hair, he looked confused and ran around the side of the house. Our house is suburban so I never really get shocked when I see kids hanging around my front door. Anyways that's not the point, my little brother came home from school that afternoon with his friend they were going to work on a group project when they were in the kitchen table I saw a piece of paper with a picture of a boy sticking out of my brother bag, I walked over and saw him, I had seen the boy the same eyes same hair, except he didn't look confused the kid was smiling big and bright... And underneath I saw the date expect it was a funeral card, an invitation. I asked my brother who this was and he said a year 3 boy at his school, who had past away from illness. He had died a week ago. We went to his funeral as the little boy older brother was friends with my brother, so my mum, my little brother and I went. When we were all sitting down outside I had explained everything I saw, and my mum said I was just stressed from exams. I had believed her and I got up and went to the car to get the white rose we brought, when I was on my way to the car I saw a little bow sitting down next to my back wheel, thinking it was maybe one of the passed boys friends I tapped his shoulder and the same kid the same kid I had see at my front door was there, he looked up and tears were falling down his face... I jumped a bit and he looked at me and said "so you can see me?" And then he smiled and disappeared, It been 3 years since and I never saw him again...

I can't really explain what I saw, but I did see him disappear before me, and I do believe in ghosts, and I believe he crossed over when he saw that I new he was there maybe he just had to have confirmation that he had died, apparently in his life time he was a smart 7 year old boy...

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carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
6 years ago (2016-12-09)
you saw the boy from the spirit world. You have a gift and are an amazing person. Amen

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