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Mystery Music, Empathy, And Dreaming


My name is Liv. When I was 16, I discovered I have the ability to feel people's emotions. Physically feel them. As if they were my own. Certain emotions bring on a physical aspect. Example; when someone is in love or feeling love, I get butterflies in my stomach. If someone is feeling anger, my head feels hot & my throat feels tight.

Anyway, I sought out a psychic to help me control it. Help me be in charge of my ability. It did work. I had the ability to control if I wanted to read someone. If I wanted to, I could. If I didn't want to, then I didn't. I was able to do this for 2 years.

About 2 months ago, It became more challenging. I live with my boyfriend & I cannot-not feel his emotions. Physically it is draining. I don't feel like myself. I am basically made up of his emotions.

2 weeks ago, I started hearing music that isn't there at night before falling asleep. There is no music, the house is quiet. I hear all kinds of music. Metal, rock, classical, electric. I've never heard these songs. Almost always, the genre of music I hear before I fall asleep is in correlation with the mood of my dream/nightmare. It is scary.

Another recent thing that's been happening is seeing events in my dreams. For example, the past two weeks, I have been dreaming of tornado's. Almost every night. Low & behold, right now there is a tornado watch in my city. For 9 days straight I dreamed of waking up next to my puppy dead. Last week, she was deathly sick. I mean, should not have lived sick. These two things are new for me. Very. I'd get occasional deja vu, but this, this is just mind blowing. I'm not sure what to label it as. If anyone experiences this, please tell me what it is, how you handle it, how it impacts your life. I'm desperate for answers on the music & if there's anyway to stop it or at the very least learn more about it.

(also, is it possibly for psychic abilities to run in families? My youngest brother seems to be an empath as well. Is that possible...?)

Thank you so much for reading this through. Any answer is a helpful answer. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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heatgirl (1 stories) (11 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-14)
crystal children and adults have soul songs maybe the music your hearing is one of them
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-11)
Your a Clairsentant and seem to be an Empathy.
With the music you tapped into the Earth space of the building. This means you can sense and hear. Some people see past people and events. My husband does all of it.

You are open to the Earth Chakra and your throat chakra is quite open.

It would be good to meditation time and meet your guide.

Good journey

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