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Late Stage Medium?


I don't remember much of my childhood. Technically, I choose not to because of reasons. But my mother has always raved over my extremely vivid imagination. I used to come up with stories at the drop of a hat over anything. As I got older I have started to wonder whether my stories are just stories. When I was a teenager I had friends that would see paranormal things happen around me (like me describing my feelings of the house and then someone seeing a hand come out of nowhere and reach out for me) but I never experienced anything I couldn't explain away. As I became an adult I started paying attention to the fleeting images that would cross my mind because I knew it couldn't just be a child's imagination. I could go into a house and see images in my mind. I guess it would be considered the third eye. I could see people, images, I would get sensations, or even dreams about the past and they were very real. I can't for the life of me imagine just making things up. They were so real and yet so very out of the ordinary. I thought I was going insane until my oldest child started talking about strange people. In our basement I used to see a young girl, about 9, with dark hair and a high neck lace dress. Then my daughter started talking about an imaginary friend that looked exactly like the girl I saw. It scared me. I wasn't sure what to think. We recently moved to our home state due to my grandma's death. Her and I were incredibly close. To the extent that we moved her out of state with us but she moved back. Ever since we have moved back, several alarms have gone off several time nearly every day. I started seeing her in MN before we moved. But until now I was scared to talk about it... Her eyes are huge and bulbous every time I see her. Like they are bulging out of her head. What does that even mean!? Why does my grandmother appear that way to me? I love her so much. I hate myself for not being there for her. She had a really rough life and held a lot of grudges. I considered all these facets. I still feel crazy. Like somehow this is all made up in my head and I'm truly just a normal person with normal thoughts.

But my images are so crazy. All my life I have also had an inexplicable attraction to elderly people. I know that when they talk to me about their life and start wandering down memory lane, they are going to pass soon. I'm like a beacon that the elderly use form their story to be told. Then they die, finally happy. It hasn't changed in nearly 15 years. I became a mortician but hated the business... Not the job. Now I am considering training as a death doula. I feel like it's my duty. Am I crazy? What the the is going on with me!?

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