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Disappearing Floating Faces And Late Night Annoyances


For the past few nights, I have been unable to go to sleep before three a.m. One reason may be because I am on the internet late at night or it is because I help my sister out during the night. Anyway, onto my story.

I have been seeing these shapes in my room and sometimes above me or next to me or around my face. They always shape themselves from static-like lighted areas. Two nights ago, I saw one head of a demon or a person. They seemed to have long brownish hair and a male's face. I had a feeling it might have been a demon because its color was orange to red. Since I knew about the witching hour from 3 to 4, I was a little freaked out and tried to calm down and not look at it. For the past few nights, I have been seeing things like that though. I have also felt chills, and like someone was touching me when there wasn't anyone there. Every time I started to feel myself getting tired, I was awaken so I couldn't sleep until after four a.m.

I don't know what this means. I am so confused by it. If anyone has some information on it, that would be very appreciative.

Also, I have lately been getting random names in my head and other thoughts that I don't know where they come from. The other day, for example, the name Peter came into my head and I wasn't even thinking about someone that had that name. I don't even know someone who has that name Peter. What should I do?

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Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
It has been suggested that through regular and dedicated meditation can one gain stability of mind and a sense of control over their supernatural/paranormal abilities.

With seeing entities that appear demonic or somehow just scare you, you may be encountering what I call "shadows" or what could possibly be spirits (regardless of alignment). If this is the case then its possible to deal with them (some methods include: guiding, cleansing, banishing, forbidding, warding and shielding against them).

With regards to getting a good night sleep, I'll share my method. When I can't sleep because something is nagging at my mind/senses or the sparks are keeping me awake because they can get oh so bright (sometimes due to disturbances - these can be dealt with) I either deal with the matter in hand or I watch dvds/read a book until I'm so exhausted that I just pass out. I don't recommend sleeping pills or the like because they tend to have side effects.

If I encounter a non-physical entity in my house, which is very rare but sometimes does happen I deal with it immediately. I either evict it straight away or assist it as best I can. If a guest has brought it with them and its a particularly nasty spirit then I would tell the person to leave if they did not want assistance to rid themselves of the thing (s).

That may sound mean but my home is my sanctuary, a place of peace, healing and understanding - as long as I reside there I will not tolerate negativity.

Im not overly religious, but I have a healthy respect for what I deem as territory. I also believe that when you first move into a place or establish yourself in a locality you must carve out your territory and set the boundaries. The rules in your territory are up to you.

As you can see the spark-energy phenomena then I believe you should be able to control them with practice. I would suggest practising making barriers out of them focus mainly on the ceiling and walls but do apply your shielding to the floor. Also you will need to learn how to create haze shields out of sparks and apply them to sections of your shield where there are doors. A haze shield can suffer physical beings walking through it without too much disruption to the shield.

To explain haze shields better, its like a vibrational shield, the sparks move in swirls and dance in random patterns in a set area, they are dense enough to prevent intrusion by non-physical beings.

Normal barriers of sparks are as dense as you can make them, the denser they are the stronger they are and the longer they will be around before the sparks dissipate. You must make the sparks follow structural threads in particular currents so that they loop, that way they continue on their path and the thread remains in shape longer.

The threads are covered in a spark membrane which you also have to force into being. This membrane is a layer of spark-energy that has minimal vibrations but drews sparks from the structural threads to prevent intrusion.

It takes intense concentration and dedicated willpower to shield successfully. You also have to reinforce your shield daily and it can take months of daily reinforcing for a shield to persist for an extended period of time (as in years). The best time to make shields and reinforce them is at night when the sparks are more prominent, people are asleep and less likely to distract you, and non-physical entities are likely to test your barrier whether you are finished or not.

Remember this, a shield of the same spark hue will persist longer than a multi-hued shield (which tend to dissipate within seconds of you no longer actively keeping the sparks in shape and alignment with one another). A spark should be easier to control in a loose group, individual sparks are too hard to focus on and control and an inefficient means of creating shields (it would take far too long).

A black spark shield should make you feel very ill if you pass through it; a white spark shield should not. Black sparks attract "shadows" (bad things) and shields composed of black sparks will keep out good non-physical entities, shadows can 'swim' in black spark shields and most likely will encourage you to reinforce them regardless of any fatigue. White spark shields will keep out bad non-physical entities and generally the good as well - depends on how well you make your shield and how strong it is. If your shield is breached you will know because when you look on it you will see a hazy fissure in the membrane. I wouldn't advise against trying to make your shield static, i.e. The spark energy non-moving because it won't work and you will exhaust yourself trying. There must always be currents and vibrations. The stronger the currents you make, the more sparks you use, and the more reinforcing you do to it the better your shield will be.

What you are doing with the sparks may space out psychic friends or guests who pass through a strong shield. They will feel a sensation that they can't quite explain and will most likely appear lost in thought. People sensitive to paranormal/supernatural energy will most likely be affected more strongly against "dormant" people by a black spark shield i.e. They will get a lot sicker.

Once you have shielded your room, shield another like the bathroom. Do one room at a time. There a spaces between shields which will be the walls of your house. Shields within rooms are efficient, you should not need to shield the external walls or external roof of your house.

The more you practice the easier spark manipulation will become. Once you get tired from concentration or feel the energy drained out of you don't manipulate sparks any further, just rest, drink some water, eat something and rejuvenate, you can continue your work the next day.

Good non-physical entities can permeate your shields if you invite them, so can shadows (shadows do damage to white spark shields, they disrupt them and once disrupted the shield will begin to dissipate, i.e. The sparks essentially dance away and even out).

Warding is a different matter, the shape of the ward doesn't matter as long as its intricate, its like a glyph applied to a haze wall but concealed within the sparks. If a non-physical entity tries to pass a haze wall the sparks that compose the haze wall will flow into the shape of the glyph you embedded in the haze wall. This glyph cannot be passed easily if you have made it intricate. Warding takes longer to learn than shielding, you need to have a good grasp of creating vibrational currents and manipulating the vibrations of sparks to make them.

Developing control over sparks takes a long time. The first exercise I began was to increase the density of sparks permeating visual space. I then went on to create threads of sparks and manipulate the flow of sparks in addition to the speed of their vibrations. Id advise to practice with the white sparks and the hue of spark that is most prominent in your general vicinity (for me, as a child, it was blue and red at first).

I think spark-energy of every hue is there present and permeating all space. When you are manifesting a spark hue to be the more dominant spark hue in a density I think you are empowering them somehow, thus they become more noticeable to you. Controlling them is easiest for me by affecting small spaces the equivalent to a litre of water at a time, I spend a few moment concentrating and willing the sparks I have "grasped" with my mind to do what I want them to do, I then move on to the next space, and will refocus and reinforce the previous spaces as I work so that I am essentially tackling my task bit by bit. This is very important because sloppy work will have a sloppy end result. You will develop a strong spatial awareness with practice. Oh and I should probably advise that as a rule of thumb structural threads should be about a meter apart, latitudinal should intersect with longitudinal (dont let the vibrational currents clash, the intersections will also slow the currents down). Also, I usually make my standard structural threads as big as the cirle that my two thumbs and two pointers make.

I hope this helps, what works for me should work for you - I think I manipulate sparks in a logical fashion. If you are having trouble I will do my best to help. And hey, if you discover anything new please share it with me.

Once you have figured out shielding I will share with you more knowledge on warding (as I taught myself) and how to make your shields absorb attacks, i.e. They draw in the energy on a base level used in the attack and pull it into the currents of the structural shield to reinforce the shield - this doesn't always work as planned and sometimes you'll get a great big gaping whole in a shield or the energy drawn in is something strange and disrupts (thus damages) the entire shield, kind of like a virus attacking a person's immune system.

You will also find that a shield that is strengthened over time will resist you meddling with it even though you made it (its too hard to dismantle a shield once its up and been reinforced for years, but they dissipate eventually and will get hazzier and hazzier as the sparks disperse). Creating ruptures in the shield will speed up this process; however, once you get into the fancy vibrational current work you'll find that you can make a shield repair itself to a degree.

Interesting note: sparks seem to have a tendency to even out in the space they permeate.

Another interesting thing to note is that its much easier to dismantle a shield then it is to create one. But both can take copious amounts of time.

Best of luck.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-14)
To use Scrabble to contact your Guides:

1. First outloud tell all to leave other than your Guides (as I explain in my detailed post about how to contact your Guides). Otherwise any and all spirits might use it as a portal to contact you, as with Ouiji boards.

2. Silently ask your Guides to come forward, and only them.

3. Ask them to send you an open message using the scrabble pieces.

4. Using your psychic abilities, select and turn over any scrabble letter which you feel drawn to most. Do this until they tell you to stop (or until you sense this).

5. Lay them out in the order you selected them. Write out what it says.

6. If need be now unscrabble the letters in case they are were not selected in order.

If the message is gibberish, try to improve your psychic abilities. (Word cards do work better for this reason.)

If the message seems evil, again outloud tell all entities, etc that they are not welcome and must leave. Then repeat the above steps.

(You had posted on my story asking for my advice on how to use Scrabble to contact your Guides. I hope this answers your question.)

Oracle, Psychic Medium for 42 years
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-13)
wlk: I am a little confused on what you mean though. I don't want to seem rude or anything. I am trying to understand what you are trying to tell me.

And what do you think of that little black out?
wlk (1 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
had been seeing this kind of things since very small, but reduced as ignore its. The sights coming back few years ago after 1st meditation night, and continue until now.

Be frank, I do not know what's that all. Once, when I stay very late, I could feel that they were calling me to off the light and go to bed. Once the light switched off, the bedroom is like a small universal, there are sparks, aura, star rain, flying and floating. They will wake us up just to show us something, likes past lives? Info about future? Etc. They would shown their faces, special (weapons?), dances, etc. They could be seen in day-sleep time too.

The activities strong at night when dark, they would show only symbols / colours / dots if light is on. Sometimes, the usual aura colours would become like a window to other world, it's seem like I was looking at the human of other planet/dimension from that aura-window. Once, eyes pain and activities distract my daily life. I had requested for that to go to subconcious mind and all activities reduced.

However, not all experiences are amazing, there were some strong "negative" experiences that brought near-death-experiences too.

Other than that, all these are not helping at all in our daily life. The never-endind / non-stop of challenges / tests are really suffering. And I do wonder what's meaning of lives.
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
Here are ways to contact your Guides.

It is important to seek advice from your Guides. Unlike people, your Guides always have good intentions and their job is to protect you and guide you.

To confirm that you have Guides (and that they are who they say they are) ask them for signs then be on the lookout for those signs. I asked for specific detailed signs which are not easily found anywhere and they shocked me everytime by sending me those exact signs, so make your requests a bit challenging (but not impossible) and they will comply. Do not be scared. Think of your Guides as friends, Angels, etc. Your job is to develop and use your gift and their job is to show you how. Just make certain you only use it for good purposes. Also make certain they are Guides, not bad entities, by only thinking your thoughts to them rather than speaking your requests outloud, and first pray for your top level Guides to come guide you, and verbally outloud banish all bad entities from around you telling them they are not welcome.

Guides or spirits?

It is very important to confirm that they are good entities which you are meant to help and not bad entities trying to attack or manipulate you. They can see you and hear your spoken word but not usually hear your thoughts so the first thing to do is to pray for your guides to protect you and advise you on what to do. As for the entities/spirits you must speak outloud to them to ensure that they hear you and tell them that you only welcome good spirits and ask all negative or bad energies/entities/spirits to leave. This is also important to do when using lettered cards, tarot cards, scrabble, etc to communicate with your top level Guides for advice and guidance. Always confirm you are speaking to them and not to entities/spirits until you are ready to do so.

How to make first contact with Guides:

-First be relaxed and in a location where you feel most spiritual and protected.

-Next in your mind and outloud ask for all negative energies/entities to leave for they are not welcome. They need to be told this.

-Next pray innerly (not outloud). Ask to be protected from negative, bad, evil, or dark energies/entities/spirits.

-Once you feel at peace and protected, pray innerly to communicate with your Top Level Guides. Only those who guide you, care for you, protect you, and are of the white light.

-You will then hear some inner thoughts, which at first you might feel are only your own, but they will catch you off guard because you will know you yourself did not think that thought. Reply to it. Listen carefully. Ask it questions. Listen for answers.

-Now at this point you will wonder if you are crazy, and are imagining things, or making it up in your own mind. This is when you need to ask to be sent signs as an assurance that they do in fact exist. They do not mind doing this. They understand. Request a sign which is challenging and not so common so you will know for a fact that it is from them, but do not choose a sign that is impossible.

Be aware and watch for the signs.

Keep in mind that Guides do not always come forward until we know they exist, believe in them, and need them. Even then it might be against the rules for them to come forward. Others like to remain hidden and watch over us silently. Remember that Guides are on another level. They can make mistakes, be not so experienced as other ones, and might bend the rules and get in trouble for it. So be careful when making contact and making demands. They do have to answer to the highest power aka God.

Ways to communicate with your Guides:

-Rune Stones
-Asking for and reading signs

To get your Guides to TALK to you in a more physical voice they need to develop this ability just as you need to develop the ability to HEAR them.

Until then they will use whatever other methods they can in which to communicate with you (Inner Thoughts, Tarot, Rune, Meditating, Radio, Signs, etc).

Remember not to pressure your Guides with being able to communicate better with you. They want this as much as you do and it is a two way street. You try more on your end, and they will try more on their end. Teamwork.

If you have any further questions do not hestitate to ask me. I am always happy to help others. Click on my profile name to read other helpful tips.

The best way to message me is to click on my name to read the story I posted then post a comment on my story.

Oracle, Psychic Medium for 42 years
Oracle101 (2 stories) (506 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-12)
In answer to your questions (which you posted in a comment on my story), when you hear or see Guides they will feel like a best friend or Angel. You will feel unafraid and comforted. Whereas black shadows, etc will be spirits, ghosts, or entities. Those are NOT your Guides. Darkness is attracted to other dark energy and will feed off of it, so always remain in the "light" of things. This does not prevent psychic attack however. For help on that ask me and I will post info on that. Next I will post the advice you wanted from me on how to contact your Guides.

Oracle, Psychic and Medium for 42 years
Always happy to help others.
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-11)
wlk: that is almost exactly what has been happening for the past few days. Yesterday, every time I felt myself getting sleepy, I was awaken again and I wasn't even in my room. I ended up going to bed about 4am to 4:30am. The night after the first day I started seeing it, I was talking on the phone with my friend about midnight to 2am, somewhere in between then and when I went to close my eyes, I saw this teenage girl's face. She had long, straight-ish brown hair and I think either green eyes or brown/hazel eyes. She was smiling.

Then when I was about to turn off the light, something told me to stay standing by the light for a few minutes before I turned it off. I also felt like I was paralyzed. All of a sudden, I start feeling light-headed and my vision and hearing goes all blurry and I see just fuzzy red/orange in my vision, like little and big dots all in my vision. I had the feeling of fear. I don't know if the fear was because my vision blacked out or because of a vision. It lasted for what seemed like a few minutes. My vision and hearing came back slowly. I have no idea what it was and that has actually happened before but when I was really sick when I got my abilities back from when I was little. I don't know if it was my abilities again, like someone was trying to get in contact with me or a vision or emotion overload from the day.
wlk (1 stories) (15 posts)
15 years ago (2009-07-09)
have been facing almost same things for recent years. Expecially currently, I could only best sleep by 2am. But couldnot sleep soundly espcially when 3, 4am. Their touches are painful, and the faces would just floated eyes to eyes with us. Some times, they just dragged us to get us awaken just to "watch" them. I had tried to put on the bright white light during sleep, and that help, the "nearly extreme" night experiences do reduced, even thought now could off the light when sleep. I would put on the light again if the "3/4am activities" dirturb me again.

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