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Brother Stole My Empath Abilties


About a month and a half ago I got really sick with a 107 temperature. My fingers and toes were blue, I was pale as a ghost and the doctor said, "My body was conserving blood in my internal organs and taking away blood in my extremities". So I almost died but luckily I went to the hospital in time. When I got my test results back everything came out negative and it was like I wasn't sick at all.

Then about a week later I was sleeping 24/7. I think I slept 19 hours of the day and my parents got worried and so was I. That lasted about a week. Some days I slept 19 hours, some days 20. But in this time I grew like a foot I truly felt like I was changing. My guardian which I haven't seen for about 3 months reappeared. But I couldn't see him, my little brother who is 4 years of age, could see him.

Backtrack about 4 months. I was training or trying to make my empath ability's stronger and I got them so trained and useful. I could use them then turn them off, I could see peoples' past, I could change peoples' emotions. I was very happy. Then one morning I woke up and I had lost them.

Two months later. Somehow it seems like my little brother had acquired powers. He could see spirits and he would guess things right before they would happen. He saw my guardian; also he was somewhat bipolar, strange stuff. Also His IQ went up it seems like he was 10 years old, even though he couldn't read, his personality changed.

His judgment changed and he became more serious. So in the last week I've been getting my powers little by little. I was wondering if anyone knew what's going here? I just need a little guidance if anyone knows.

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MisteriousPainter (1 posts)
12 years ago (2009-11-02)
Maybe if your getting it back little by little as you say. Your brother was watching over them until you got better. So you didn't get so much daj'vu while you was sick. And something doesn't want you to get them back to fast o_O I just lost my self but yea.

That makes since to me. ❤
Galmordagan (8 stories) (51 posts)
12 years ago (2009-07-09)
It could be possible that if anything has been drawn from you or even stolen a debt is owed to you, one that you can collect on if you set your mind to it.

I guess if this is true then it would be like a karmic debt.

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