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Souls Intertwined?


I have been with my boyfriend for seven months today (March 17), but I have known him for over a year, maybe a year and a half now. Even though I have been with him for that long and have only been talking to him for that long, I feel like I have known him practically my whole life. I also feel like we are connected way beyond just physically and mentally. I feel like we are connected by our souls as well. He thinks so too.

Every time either of us would get sick even before we let each other know, we would always end up feeling what the other feels. One time when he was with friends or at home, I even felt that something was wrong and I was sad and upset. I texted him saying I was sad and he called me. During that phone call, he told me that something happened that day that upset him. A few other times he was out having fun with friends and during those times I ended up getting sick to my stomach and/or dizzy and light-headed the same time he was doing whatever he wasn't supposed to. We even tested our theory by him messing around without him telling me and if I felt sick, I would text him and ask him if he was doing what I thought he was doing and he always answered yes.

Also, we have had dreams about each other before we even met. One time, I had a dream that I was going to a dance with my ex (boyfriend at the time) and that same day, my boyfriend had a dream about me leaving some guy he didn't know at the dance and going with him at the end of the dream and he told me that he woke up crying because he somehow had a strong connection to the girl in the dream and she looked like me. I even tried comparing our dreams and he said that I wore the same dress as I did in my dream about me and my boyfriend-at-the-time. More recently, me and him have been having close related dreams, whether they're both nightmares or just dreams.

Ever since I have seen his picture and met him online, I have felt a strong and natural connection with him. Even as I have been with him and spent time with him in person, we can feel the connection as if it is a thread holding us together. And as soon as I heard his voice on the phone, it felt as if I was so close to him and I fell in love with him right away, even without knowing it at first and he fell in love with him. He told me he felt that same connection, and we have both been wanting who the other person is since we could comprehend what love is and what kind of people we like. It has all felt like such a huge dream and a fairy tale come true. I have even had a dream about me and him but his name wasn't his real name but a different name and so was mine, but the dream seemed so real.

We always know what the other is thinking or is about to say, no matter what. And looking at him is like looking at my long-lost love. I don't know why or how, but it does. When I'm not with him, my soul feels torn in two and when I am with him, I feel so completely whole and more.

We have also found it interesting how we started dating on the 17th when his birthday is the 17th of December. I didn't even noticed it until a few days after we started dating and I told him about it. We agree that this is either a huge coincidence or it means that we are meant to be. We have struggled and survived through some hard times in these seven months and I have stuck by him no matter what he did in the past and what happened to either of us that caused us major grief.

There is so much more to say but I can't seem to get it all sorted out. I am just wondering is what my boyfriend and I have soul-deep? Are we really souls intertwined and psychically connected? I would like to hear any and all insight you have about this.

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bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
12 years ago (2010-04-07)
I know what you mean. It was that same feeling with my boyfriend too. Not at all shy and an instant attraction and comforting feeling. He is the only guy I have ever been able to feel so comfortable about everything. All of my exes, I still felt uneasy about being around them and kissing and hugging them felt awkward.
b00kadict54 (6 stories) (44 posts)
12 years ago (2010-03-28)

It is nice to know I'm not just fantasizing the way a little girl would. Lol =] Trust me, I'm probably just as shy. We met and it was like someone had taken that shy part of me away. Even my friend noticed. We're very close, he is my bestfriend, and it was that instant attraction and comforting feeling. It was very strange. Thank you for your beautiful story =]

Blessed Be
ostara8 (124 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-22)
i think you already know the answer to this. You are either "twin flames" or you are are soulmates that have lived many lives together... And that is beautiful, congratulations:)
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)

My boyfriend and I are also two of the shiest people you could meet if we didn't know you. And ever since I was little, I have wanted a guy like my boyfriend and when he told me how he was when we started talking, I just started tearing up so badly that the tears screwed up my vision and spilled over... Even now, they do that because I remember it so well and I just can't believe my dream came true. I am glad to know that other people have had the same or similar experience to mine. It is very comforting to know that what we are going through isn't just a hallucination.
b00kadict54 (6 stories) (44 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Thats happened to me too! Well, my boyfriend can't dream [and or can't remember them], but when I was little I had a reocurring dream for years about a boy that I would meet in high school that looked exactly like him. We've felt that too, when one of us is beyond upset the other usually texts or calls "randomly" to check up on the other. I met him freshman year and was instanly myself with him [im shy beyond relief] and so was he. We've dated since then but I've always had a sense of what he would say/do given a situation. He always says I only know him so well, but how did I do that when we weren't yet dating?
The thing is, I don't recognize the missing limb feeling until after I see him and I'm flooded with relief. When I was little, all I could think of was having that boy in my life. It's strange now to see that it really happened.

Thanks for sharing your story =]

Blsd B
IntrinzicWizdom (13 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-20)
Hi bluehoodedmisery,

The greatest site to help you determine this powerful connection you both feel is It's free to register. Enter both of your birth information and then go to "forum" and ask why. I think you'll find this site very informative. Enjoy!
bluehoodedmisery (4 stories) (42 posts)
13 years ago (2010-03-19)
I would also like to say that my boyfriend and I have been experiencing extreme deja vu whether we are with each other or not. It is almost every day that this deja vu occurs and both he and I have never been so comfortable around anyone else before we met and became a couple. We feel as if we can tell each other anything and absolutely hate being without each other because the moment we are no longer inches or several feet apart from each other, we feel like a part of ourselves is being torn away and we don't feel whole until we are finally with each other once again.

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