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Late Night Mystery


It's occurred already about three times and its kept me wondering why it is it occurs. I'm already asleep well barely falling asleep when I hear ringing in my ears like static of some sort. My entire body begins to vibrate and my body temperature turns cold all of a sudden. The first time it occurred I was listening to a person's conversation. When I was overhearing I was in the state of my body felt like it was traveling as if I knew it was real somewhere in the world, that the conversation was taking place. As if I was overhearing it and it was in total secrecy. The scary thing was they noticed I was listening in and that's when I was pulled out or rather I woke up from the state. I felt as if the conversation had something to do with me but once I woke up I forgot everything I had been listening into. The second time it occurred was about a week ago in my dream I was visiting a Mayan ruin I think. I was on the top part of the Mayan ruin looking down so I was stepping upon the smooth edge looking at rolls of formations downwards. The formations underneath were underneath water suddenly my mother called me so I was going to walk back towards the front part of the ruins. When I began to think that a monster was going to come out and swallow me. Once I thought that I couldn't walk towards my mother then I heard a voice in my dream tell me "don't be afraid" repeatedly for like three times. Then I heard rings like static in my ears again and in my dream I saw the outline of my room but in shades of colors like I usually do sometimes. A girl was in front of my bed I could see her outline in different colors I felt my vision sharpening and I was about to see her actual features when fear captured me. I was so scared to see her completely I woke up in fear. Once I woke up my entire body was shaking and cold again. I'm not sure if this means anything at all but curiosity is surely taking over me.

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Rach21-1990 (2 posts)
12 years ago (2011-11-13)
Ashies- My experiences are basically the same, it start when I was 19 (now 21) I had woken up when my ex boyfriend went to work, so I was drifting back to sleep and then I felt something pushing into my stomach, then I said "I am sorry, whatever I have done I am sorry" then I couldn't move, only my eyes were in my control and there was this loud static noise, my eyes started to roll backwards and I had to try my hardest to look forward. I was so scared, I wondered what it was? What it wanted with me?... It passed and I was okay, scared but okay and it has happened many times since then, in the same flat, I was lying on my front and it felt like dog paws walking up my back (not hurting me just walking on top of me) and then the static and not being about to move happened again. Also it happened once when I was asleep it woke me in process, the static was louder than ever and it felt like something was trying to pull me out of my body, almost like a hover, strange right?:/ now when it happens I can tell, I can like feel someone, it doesn't feel harmful but I still won't let it in... I am worried about the aftermath, it happened yesterday when I basically had my head on my boyfriends chest and I was trying to move and it felt like I was vibrating, I managed to speak though gritted teeth, I just said "leave me alone" and I felt it release me. This morning it nearly happened 3 times but I realised I can wiggle my toes and that snaps me out of it, I have had it happen to me once when I was holding onto my phone and I had to force on myself (my fingers were curling in the process) to touch a key to light up my phone screen and when I did it went... I don't understand it, I spoke out loud today, saying sorry and that I am not ready to communicate yet and then I heard some noises like trousers moving and could feel it outside my door (I can picture an older man or women) I shouted my Mum and Dad and neither answered because they were both downstairs... You are the closest thing I have found to my own. If you could help I would be ever so grateful:) x
infernoqueen24 (4 posts)
12 years ago (2011-09-24)
Hello ashies do not be afraid the dreams are telling you something I'm like you I have weird dreams and all of them come true like in 5 days or more I have dreams with numbers and letters the good thing about it I have a boyfriend and he knows all the dreams meaning and when I need help he tell me what the meaning of the dreams. When you dream tried to look back to see what put you there in the first place for example: When you rewind a video tape it take you to the place you want to see again is like that and when you to that it would help you a lot because I was just like you but I got used to it and I control it really good now... The bad thing that I have now is that when I'm mad I harm people physically and is really not a good feeling when I do that because I used all my energy to hurt somebody but my boyfriend is helping with that too because he have the same ability like me. If you need help email me, me and my boyfriend would be glad to help you... 😁 ❤

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