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Can You Tell Me If I'm Psychic?


First I took a few test's on how psychic I am, and it usually came up with high. So I did some research and finding out, and it turns out, that I am telepathic and a clairvoyance. So I asked my friend over MSN to think of a object, and revolve it in her head. I said what I thought it was and I got it! Then, I got these numbers, turns out, they were hers, her brothers and sisters birthday date! I also got the name of a different friends grand dad. Earlier, I got a vision that I will bump into my friend looking for me when I walk out the door. I did! And a vision that the bell will go before I finish the last question and it happened. I have also had paranormal experiences, which I can't explain. Like plates crashing together, but no one down there. And this 'shhhh' noise in my ear when I wake up in the night for no reason, and the feeling of being watched. My friend was amazed with what I could do, and so was I! I was so amazed when I finally did it, and I am happy with my blessing. But I don't know why I have it, and I would love to know why, is it because of my fox like nature? Or the fact that I like Nature? It's hard to explain, but when my friend asked, I just said, 'well, it's just natural really, a talent but rarer than others. It is just their you know? Just comes into mind and then, pop, it happens. Mind power I guess.' We talked about it for a while and she is always wanting to know how and why it was me, and to know more and what I can do. I do think that I am Psychic, and usually see the future around 20 seconds before they happen. So what do you think? Am I psychic? Or just crazy? Any I have some tips?

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
13 years ago (2011-06-28)
I do believe you are psychic you have taken tests and have tested yourself and have recived great results.
You already know you are psychic so don't doubt yourself any more.
Welcome to the club. 😁
Asking why you are psychic is a mix question to answer. Sometimes we just are psychic or become psychic.
There always is a reason why but you have to find out for yourself.
I believe you have Premonition because you wrote that you had a vision of the bell and your friend. You also wrote that you can see 20 seconds into the future so it must be a strong ability. I can't even do that my visions come a day or two before they happen but I also think it depends on what I see.
One advice I can give you is write down your visions in a notebook or journal they might come in handy later on.
Good luck ❤

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