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A few days ago I entered a consignment shop that had a room specifically for items of spiritual uses. Crystals, candles, zodiac jewelry, spell books etc... I saw a book out of the corner of my eye and immediately felt my grandmother's presence urging me to leave. My grandmother has been a guardian to me ever since I was 13. I've always listened to her... Until this particular day. I touched that book and regret it!

I came home and a half hour later my microwave started up on its own. I unplugged it and I leave it unplugged unless I'm using it. Last night I forgot to unplug it after heating up some leftovers. The clock on the microwave was not set. The microwave started up for 3 minute 30 sec. And at that time my house clock read 3:30 am. I've been dismissing this as just an electrical glitches... And been ignoring that deep down gut feeling of who this was. I did however note the time when my microwave did this the first time. So after my early morning awakening with my microwave realizing this was no electrical glitch any more. I sat down to investigate a story I've been avoiding reading and hearing about because it makes my stomach so sick. Sure enough the time that I noted when my microwave first started on its own, correlates with this sad story.

So I allowed for communication, she is sad and wants to know what love is. How can I get a baby's spirit to cross over?

Also I have no idea what was about that book that I touched. I've only come across spirits stuck in the area where they passed... This one passed on the other side of the country and she came to me... What did I touch? Can I reverse this?

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
Dude. Who are you to help a baby's spirit, or any spirit to cross over. Only God can do that, or an Angel or saint, or a priest. All you can do is pray and fast for it, and give your time and money to charities and orphans, in the dead person's name/memory.+

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