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Haunting Childhood Nightmares


Ever since I could remember I have had vivid violent nightmares that will haunt me for weeks. I've grown up avoiding gory movies, I see enough gore in my sleep. And those movie makers can't come close to my nightmares as far as looking real goes.

The first nightmare I can remember having, that has forever burnt itself into my memory, happened when I was about 4. In my nightmare I woke from my sleep and went to my parents room to find them hacked into pieces in their bed. Someone grabbed me from behind and carried me into the garage where a work van was hiding. I was thrown into the back where 2 men sat amongst all my stuffed animals. The van began to leave my home and the men began cutting open my stuffed animals and blood came pouring out of them. They began pouring the blood all over me as I screamed and cried.

I woke to hear my Mother screaming. My head was at the foot of my bed and my bed was covered in spots of pink vomit from the head to the foot. My Dad rushed in and had determined that it wasn't blood like my Mom thought it was. They picked their brains trying to figure out what the pink came from, what did I eat? It was never determined.

There had been times I woke from my nightmares in cold sweats, speaking in gibberish or possibly another actual language. There was a nightmare I couldn't wake from. In the nightmare I could only see people from their chest down, but from their chest up I could see my room, and I was trying to yell out for my parents to wake me up. When I finally did wake I had a terrible headache.

The most substantial nightmare I had as a child took place when I was 7. For whatever reason I wanted to sleep with my parents this particular night. Might I point out that I was NOT in the habit of sleeping in Mommy and Daddy's bed. I had a nightmare that a bat was diving at me and I guess I was swinging away at my parents in my sleep. They had to wake me from my nightmare. Then we all went back to sleep. But they woke me again, my Mom pulling me behind her running out of the room so my Dad could catch the bat that was actually in the room!

You would think from that incident alone my parents would have come to terms with the fact that there was something going on with me. But they dismissed it like always.

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Ruth (4 stories) (156 posts)
13 years ago (2011-08-21)
Hello, I am sorry you are going through that.
I can tell you a simple way of shutting this down for good. Every night close your solar plexis chakra down. It is open at the moment, letting all the nasty spirits scare you with their memories and their nightmares.

Scary movies, even the best of them, do not scare me. You know what scares me, or use to scare me, is my dreams. Not any more, now I know the secret. Which is really not a secret at all.

Love and blessings
Ruth 😁 ❤
Toxic_Melody (1 stories) (4 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-10)
Like you in my childhood I too have experienced the horrors of nightmares constantly,& every night I would wake up crying, screaming etc. But no vomit. But I always ended up falling off of my bed & hitting my head on the edge of my night stand which was wood & sharp edged. I was rarely in the habit of sleeping in Mommy Diarists' bed. My mother, like yours, dismissed it as well. A single parent mother she has tried to help & ever since I can remember I've always have had nightmares. I am 14 now & they still continue. Maybe there could be a connection. There must be & as we age, they might be getting worse.

P.S. I still watch horror movies. Gory or not, I still do.

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