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September 10th 2001 And Anthrax Attacks


Throughout my life I have had graphic violent nightmares, like the ones I wrote about in "Haunting Childhood Nightmares". These carried on throughout my early adolescents, with the added vampire dreams during my high school years. I'm not writing about the vampire dreams right now because they don't seem to be related to psychic or medium experiences.

My nightmares began taking a twist when I was about 19 and I joined the Army. They are also the reason I was discharged from the Army, though the paperwork isn't stated as so. At first the other female soldiers in my barracks, during basic, started joking that I was having sex dreams. But after a few nights they became really disturbed and reported that it sounded as though I was being raped. That's when it became an issue. I was asked if I had remembered any of my dreams and I described the only one that I was able to recall. In this dream I was outside laying on the ground and a man was standing over me. The sun was behind him so all I could see was his silhouette. This was one of those night terrors I couldn't wake from and I was calling out for one of the girls to wake me. I could hear them talking on the other side of the room, but none could hear me. I guess that was enough said and I was discharged because they believed it was possible that I had been date raped, though I cannot recall a time in my life when this could of happened.

Fast forward to about 2 years later. I had just had my daughter and just married my first husband. My nightmares had become more frequent and freaky. September 10th 2001 I was sleeping alone, my ex had stayed at his fathers to help with a roof. I had a nightmare that a monster was in the U.S. And killing only babies. It was all over the news and there was nationwide panic. In this nightmare my Mom said to my Dad "Bob let's pack up the kids in the truck and pack the camper and go to Canada." So we did and as we drove to Canada in my nightmare, there were baby body parts all over the roads. When I woke I had no recollection of this nightmare. Not immediately. I had no tv or radio so I spent most of 9/11 cleaning house and dancing to my favorite cd's with my new baby. I did wonder why there were so many planes flying into our podunk little airport that morning. That afternoon when my ex came home he told me he just heard the news. Both of us very confused, drove to my Moms and watched the horror of 9/11 play over and over on the news. My Mom in tears on the phone with my Dad as he was stuck in traffic almost 2 hours away. I heard my Mom say "Bob, let's pack up the kids and the truck and camper and go to Canada" At that moment I felt like I was flying through a tunnel. My head began spinning and I almost fell to the floor. My ex and Mom sat shocked as I began describing the nightmare I had had not even 24 hours before.

A few months later I had another nightmare. Someone was handing out Bibles with pages that were coated in white poisonous powder. So when people opened them it would kill them. I started a huge fire and ran door to door removing the Bibles from people's hands and throwing them in the fire. People were astonished and angry with me but I kept running and screaming "They're not real!" I was yelling this in my sleep so loud it woke me. But it wasn't me yelling, a man's disembodied voice was coming out of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see my ex standing with his back up against the wall and his eyes were huge as he stared at me in fear. Once I stopped yelling he cautiously said my name as if he wasn't sure it was me. I explained my nightmare then we got up and got around for the day, only to hear about the anthrax attacks reported for the first time on the news. My ex could not believe what I had dreamt nor the crazy sounding voice coming out of my mouth. Here's the catch though. During my brief stint in the Army I was vaccinated for anthrax. It was government experiment. Connection maybe?

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