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Powerful Attack


Since a child the paranormal has been part of my natural psych, Always had a knowing and understanding of all dimensions of spiritual or astral. Nothing has ever really stopped me or thrown anything to ever worry me apart from a strange recurring dream I used to have as a child. Oh and the mogadon and temazepam the doc and parents thought was the answer to a incident or two, After all it was the 70's so "wonder pills" were the answer to everything.

Recently I felt a very strong pull to the astral it wasn't a bad feeling just strange as to the way it suddenly arose like a yearning. All my senses and peripherals were safe secure protected but everything I knew or felt wasn't enough for sudden darkness no light or auras just sudden red plasma type lightening, I was turned face down pushed at speed down to about a foot of the ground at which time my consciousness started to question my astral.

I did not for the first time have any control or understanding. I realize some might say psychic attack or sleep paralysis and such but please believe this was not the case. I was aware in the astral and psychical just unable to get my head round what I had just experienced.

I have looked into all kinds of astral or psychic attacks and spoke to a couple of friends but can't find anything that comes close,

I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this and apologize if not appropriate but if anyone has ever had the same experience or possibly advise I truly would be grateful to find any help in understanding.

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awaken56 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-07)
Hi Minister, you were not under any kind of attack. You do not fully describe the whole occurrence, were you sleeping, were you laying down, were you in a meditative state? How do you protect yourself at night or for that matter at all times?
I ask you all these questions because I have had a similar experience but I was completely conscious and under full protection. You transcended into another dimension. How you got there is what I am trying to see. I was awaken by my Spirit Guides who wanted to share a vision of what truly is real so I was under full protection of The Angelic Realm and my Guides. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and an empath since birth. Have been working with the Spirit Realm all my life and will share that I asked to be completely conscious when visiting the upper dimensions where time does not exist, objects are not solid, lights like the one you describe are all over the place, in my journey there was no light it was like being in outer space.
My greatest advice to all especially when one is using the gifts given by The Universe, The Divine, God whatever resonates with you is to always be in communication with your Spiritual Team/Family.
As I tuned into you and your experience and asked my Guides their answer to you is simple,
NO you were not under any attack but take care to protect yourself as travel to other dimensions can be dangerous as lower entities can attach themselves to you. I hope this helped. Love and Light to you.

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