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I Am A Budding Psychic


6 years ago, I was sitting in the sitting room minding my own business when I had a thought, kind of like a memory, but I never remembered it happening, since it was about my sister and we were having a fight.

2 years later, I ran upstairs into my sister's room, and started dancing with her. I just got a feeling that this happened before.

This happened many times, sometimes I remember thinking about them, sometimes I just think I want myself to be psychic

I was playing on the Nintendo Switch with my cousin when he goes all silent, then tells me" you know when you get a thought and then you remember it again, but it happens in real life? Because that just happened to me"

I just turn around and stare at him, and say "wow, me too!" We turn off the switch and turn on my computer, looking up all kinds of websites and quizzes.

Then, he had to go home, so I stayed looking up stuff.

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lifewithoutadam (1 stories) (5 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-03)
My boyfriend passed November 23rd, 2015. The moment I was informed that he had passed was the most devastating moment in my entire existence. It was I who was there alone in the home when he passed. It left an inconsolable impression on me that to date has not dissipated. However, since his departure from his earthly bound I have physically seen him on at least three occasions. When he "visits" he is as full bodied as you and me. I believe that I am able to have these experiences, because there was a great deal left undone and said between him and I. The first encounter was an out of body type experience where I was abruptly no longer on my sister's couch and in a warm most comforting atmosphere I have ever encountered. He was there with a grand smile and assured me that he was "okay." To a grieving widow (girlfriend widow) this simply has not been enough to relieve my aching heart. The next event occurred as I was home alone. I speak aloud to him each and every day as I promised not a day would go by that I would not acknowledge him in some form. I always expressed that I would not be frightened if he were to appear. As I lightly slept I felt someone enter the bedroom. I was facing the wall so I was not quite sure what was occurring. The next few moments would change me profoundly as I heard the voice I missed so immensely pronounce "Alright now you said you wouldn't be afraid. I immediately rolled over with not a shred of fear within me. What I saw next elated me, for it was my beloved Adam lying next to me smiling brightly. I could only exclaim how much I missed him and loved him. He repeated the same sentiments and before I could truly communicate with him he was no longer with me. Similar moments have taken place and I hear him call out to me on different occasions. Just three days ago while still awake lying still in the darkness I heard his exact text tone chime as if he was there with me. I have no such tone as my cellular is continuously on vibrate. I glanced at my phone to see no messages received as it was completely darkened by the lack of activity. I have so much to reveal. Since childhood, I have cried to "Go home," even though I was present at my residence. I have lost both parents, but Adam's departure left me void of who I once was. I hope to someday find some comfort, but I am with solace knowing that I have the ability to communicate with the departed. Thank You for listening and I hope to tell more of my 1000% truthful takes in the future.

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