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My daughter wanted an experience for Christmas, Boy was it...

We bought tickets for an ESP weekend for the two of us to "ghost hunt." We arrived on Friday night, went on a ghost tour, did a telepathy test Saturday, and reluctantly left on Sunday, it's what happened in between that has me puzzled. Friday we were being escorted through the venue when I suddenly felt a vibration in my calves (where a cat had passed over: we found out later) that then moved into my upper body, still more vibration in my legs. Later on I surmised maybe it was a purring sensation. Nervously, I moved to get away from this strange feeling, it followed and then vanished. Still on tour, another floor another passed soul, there it was the feeling but it was all over, warm and fuzzy, though it was more in my pelvis, 17 year old boy had died close to this site, was it him maybe. Then onto another floor, again, same feeling all of the sudden warmth and a charged vibrational feeling all over.

A midnight Séance, a ladies name came to another's "ghost hunting" app during the event, and strangely the same name appeared on my app earlier in the day, I said it, and there she was all through me, and then as quickly, she was gone. A medium later told me she saw the spirit leave over my shoulder... This all is true, and happened without invitation.

Bravely we sought out these previous locations later that same night, and I asked for the energy and it was given by the boy (I think, because I cannot see). Other guests could feel the energy throughout me by the touch of my hand!

I went back the following weekend, just to see if any unasked guests wanted to let me "feel" them, and sadly no takers?

I have also been having a white light, kind of like watery looking, sensation in my eyes. This has been confirmed as not a medical issue. It is like I have a light in my eye that is the liquid in my eye, very annoying at times. No specific triggers, just sporadic.

Yes I'm a starseed (Orion and Pleiades), but this has to be something else, right? I'm psychic, but what kind?

Any ideas or direction is greatly appreciated?

I don't know what all my gifts are yet, or what path to take, or who would want to mentor me, I'm lost in the blindness of it all...

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