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Grandma Isn't Gone For Good


I have had many experiences, So many I cannot write in one story without losing or confusing you. I guess I should start with a little background and how my Grandma came to be my guardian.

I was raised in a religious family. My Grandfather a minister and my main caregiver, because my parents worked so much. I was literally raised in the church... I mean being picked up from morning kindergarten then to the church, where my Grandpa spent the remainder of the day in his office and I was left to entertain myself in a big empty church. You would think being inside a church ghost encounters were rare but it was quite the opposite. And the evil that lurked in the shadows were ones to avoid! And being raised religiously ghosts were not to be spoken about, there were "no such things".

I always knew I was different and had a hard time making friends but I had plenty of "imaginary friends" to talk to. All that changed in 3rd grade when I met my best friend. She knew I was different to, and loved that about me. She was so entertained by having me guess the number she wrote down or having me tell her future, though I'm sure at that time I wasn't to good and telling her who she would marry someday. What I didn't tell her though was about her deceased step sister's spirit hanging out in the bathroom next to her room. That's where she killed herself.

As I got older I learned to ignore their presence and try to act "normal". No use when nobody believed me except for my best friend. But when I was 13 my Grandma passed away. My parents woke me to tell me, made me some hot cocoa and I laid back in bed but couldn't sleep. I laid there crying but suddenly stopped, for there in my doorway was a white mist, it took no shape but just hovered. I looked at my clock and memorized the time. (couldn't tell you what that time was today it was over half my life ago) I felt calm as I stared at her, I whispered I love you and fell asleep.

Months later my Mom and I were talking about Grandma and I decided to tell her about seeing Grandma the night she passed. Imagine my surprise when I finished speaking my Mom muttered the time that was on my clock when I saw Grandma's mist. I failed to mention that to my Mom. She said she was sitting in the living room (which was below my room) and she felt cold and the hair rose on the back of her neck, she to looked over and noted the time. This was the first encounter she had ever had and thought she was going crazy. She was relieved when I told her mine. We made a pact to not tell Dad though.

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Timfaraos (426 posts)
9 years ago (2015-04-25)
I'm not psychic, and only rarely do I hear a voice. Anyway. I was in church one Sunday, after a few years of rebellion and sexual sin. I had confessed my sins to the priest, but when the priest called us for holy communion, I hesitated. Then I heard my grandmother's voice clear as a bell in my head: "Go get holy communion Tim!"... (she was dead for 20 years). It was the only time I ever heard her voice in my head LOL! (she was a christian).+

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