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I have had dreams that came true, every other occasion, since I was little. Once I dreamed about my moms' friend, who she hasn't seen in months, and the next day at her doctors we saw him. The other visions don't happen as soon as this one did however. It usually wound up happening some odd months or years down the road. The only pain is I get dizzy when I get the déjà -vu feeling.

I've tried telekinesis using a psiwheel a bit, which once I had a huge amount of energy coming out of my 3ed eye and the wheel moved more than it ever had. Most of the time, the wheel does not spin. It might be due to the fact I am practicing without having my hands near the wheel.

I think I had some experience with astral projection. All of it was out of my control (like all my experiences). I would just 'wake up' to me grabbing my bed, as if I was going to fall out of my bed. Recently, May 6th I have had an odd experience. I became aware to me feeling like I was falling, fast. Enough to make my forehead and my body was on fire. It was hear I saw the dark shadow like figure at night. I didn't speak. I only thought. I couldn't move. I was focused on the burning. When I wanted to sit up, I kept thinking 'sit up'. At one point my hands reached out and the shadow touched them and I pulled myself up. I still wanted the burn to end. I fell back down in my bed. I felt a hand on my forehead then I feel asleep.

Once, recently I had the name 'Sara Sousa' come into my head. I wrote it down before I fell asleep. The dream I had focused on a court. Court as in jury, a judge, etc. The next morning I searched the girls name and found an article. There was a girl by that name, who got in trouble for an attempted murder.

Another incident was I dreamed about going to a friend's house (meet online) . I had a dream about 2 people. When I woke and told my friend what they looked like, they were apparently her biological parents. She never described them to me at all.

The last I had experienced was clairaudience. It has been happening to me a lot recently, and has happened before in the past. Before I heard my name, once even a loud clap in the morning when I needed to wake up to get ready for school. Recently, for some reason, I have been hearing sounds, like songs in my ear. At the time it happened nothing with sound was on in my room. My computer was on, however it was on mute.

Any advice would really help me out. Even if you provide reasons or explanations for the things you don't think are psychic experiences. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.

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Star-chan (2 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2011-07-01)
Thank you for the advice hug100. I'll be sure to try to connect with them more.
hug100 (126 posts)
11 years ago (2011-06-30)
You must have a guardian spirit that takes care of you. Mine don't wake me up in the mornings but they have protected me in the past. Try to connect more with them if you can if you ask them questions they should answer. Try asking like what's your name for starters. As for the name Sara Sousa I don't know if she is your guardian or not but there is a chance she maybe. Hope this helps some.

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