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All of this started in the month of November before the big earthquake and tsunami thing in Japan. I suddenly started feeling like the whole ground under me like, hollow or floating or lifting or something like that. It was a very strong feeling, and it made it hard at times to even walk properly. And sometimes while walking, I would feel a bump in the ground like from inside. It's very hard to describe.

This went on until the big earthquake in Japan happened after a few months. It suddenly stopped 2-3 days after the earthquake. In this time period, I had also had a vision in which I had seen a 3d pyramid with symbol-like lnguage inscribed all over the sides. To make it clear, it was a physical 3d pyramid, not the all-seeing eye or Illuminati thing.

This floating ground feeling has happened to me ever seen, everytime a major earthquake happens around the world. But it's only a few days like maybe a week before the earthquake, and lasts until the earthquake, maybe a day more. Not like it was for Japan, which was for months. And it is never that strong now. I guess how strong it is depends on the intensity of the earthquake and how far it is from my country.

Since the November that it all started, I have seen a few spirits too. But I see them only for a moments only. But I can feel them. I don't know if they're spirits or what. I have been seen auras around everything since that November. Coloured around people and colourless around other things. Over the years I have seen like, weird masses of aura twirling around or something like that. I have seen flying orbs in places where I feel spirits. Once or twice even big ones. They're mostly whitish or light blueish. And the aura around wires when the switch is on is very shiney.

Once when I was on vacation with my parents, we visited a old tomb or something build by a local king like centuries ago. It was built by the king to honour the death of his beloved minister or something, but it is not where the body was buried. The body is at another place near it. In that whole area of that temple or whatever, there was one tunnel-like passage that was totally dark inside, and there was water in the middle of that tunnel. Like a little man-made pond or something from that time. But it was so dark inside that nothing not even the water was visibe. I peeped inside, and saw a lady ghost for a second. Pretty sure it was a lady ghost. I don't know, I was just curious, I went to the gate of that temple where the gaurd was there, and asked him what is inside that tunnel. He said there's water nothing else, no need to go in there. I said I want to see it, asked for a torch. But he said he didn't have one. So I went back inside with my camera, and went into the tunnel thing and took a few photos around the central part of it with flash on. So when I went back to the hotel where I was staying, I saw those photos. In one of them, right around the center of the tunnel there was a big white orb floating in air. I researched a bit abou the whole history of the place, but we were leaving in like two days so I had to leave the whole thing midway.

One more thing, there is a little cemetery and a old temple a little outside of the city where I live towards the mountains. It is a very hilly road. So one time I was passing from that road, I was in the car in the backseat when we passed the cemetery. Suddenly I felt huge anger and sadness, like I wasn't me anymore. Like, huuuge anger and sadness. Pretty huge. It stayed for a while, and then it slowly came off. And when I was home, I noticed there were deep scratches on my chest. I don't know if this is random, but I guess the scratches formed something, like a flying bird or something. But they were long and deep scratches and I had not hit anything nor walked around thorny plants or anything.

I researched about the area, and it came up that it is supposed to be haunted by the spirit of some army guy. The whole road in between that cemetery and temple. There have been reports of a haunting there. So I decided to go back to that place, and this time while going I had to pass the temple first, not the cemetery like last time when I got the scartches. I went with a friend, and right when we passed the temple, I felt like there was something pulling me back as we drove forward. Like, physically pulling me back. We went into the cemetery, and it was pretty much a normal cemetery but a few graves had been dug out. We returned, and when I got back to my home I noticed a few scratches on my chest again like last last time. They weren't shaped like a bird this time, but were totally random. Maybe last time too they had been random and just out of chance shaped like a bird. Anyway since then I haven't had the chance to go tho that place. Maybe I'll go in a few days.

Also, in the apartment in the city I had been born, my older brother would see a demon or witch or something like that roaming around the house around me since I was born. He always used to see it. But we moved to my current city soon after.

And I don't know, I have some weird memories from that place. More like pictures I remember, even though I was 1. Like in one, I am flying in air, over the park in front of our apartment building, and I see our family walking down the road with me. And I am pretty sure there was something else with me too at that time. But it's weird, that in the picture I am myself, but I am seeing myself somewhere else too. And the details of the road and park and apartment building I got exactly right. I asked my parents was the area like this, was the entrance to the park like this, was the road like this, was this located beside the building, and I got it exactly right in the picture. Even though I didn't know the details until then.

Anyway, all this stuff except the picture from childhood thing has happened only since the November before the big earthquake in Japan, never before.

Over the years, I have had more visions after the first one of that 3d pyramid with symbols incsribed all over it. Like, I have recently seen a inverted pentagram, and at the 5 end points of that pentagram there were 5 different horrifying faces, and at the center there was the face of a goat in a sideways view facing towards the left. But in the vision there were no lines forming the inverted pentagram, it was the arrangement of the faces and goat.

And I have seen one thing in a vision which is supposed to be a Japanese demon. It is something like, the face of a monk which is burning and flying and at the center of a wheel or something. I saw something like that, but it was not exactly like the images I found on the internet. I mean it was exactly like that, but the head was missing. Or something like that. The name of that thing is something very complex, a Japanese word. It is said that anybody who sees it goes to hell. Anyway, this was the second vision, third one was the previous inverted pentagram one.

Anyway, since the time when I had my first vision, I have also had vision of many eyes looking at me. The eyes are weird, and sometimes coloured. But they are many. And always single, not in regular pairs. This happens for a few months, then stops for a few months, then happens for a few months agains, then stops for a few months again, like that.

And other weird things like I once bought a copy of Paradise Lost by John Milton, because I like classical literature. I was reading it. The original language one, not the one translated into modern english. So there are like specific paras in the whole book that when I read them I literally choke. Like, my throat is blocked or something, I can't breath or speak for a while. Like, half a minute or so. Only when I read those specific paras.

I also have a weird thing with my right hand. I can focus a lot of energy into my right hand, and it was start giving a tingling feeling at first, then a very strong pressing or crushing type of feeling. It takes like 5 or 10 secs for me to do it.

Oh and one more thing from the time when I was on that vacation when that tunnel and orb in photo thing happened. There is a very sacred temple located there. And animal sacrifices are done there. It is said if you sacrifice a goat there, and the priests do the ritual and everything, your wish comes true. When I was there, the locals confirmed it and said that anything can come true through that ritual. Anyway, I just paid a visit to that temple, no ritual and anything, but since I returned from that temple, my abilities disappeared all of a sudden. For like one or two months, then they suddenly popped back up again. Suddenly. It was around the time when that whole psychic thing had just started. A few months after the big earthuake in Japan.

And many time I feel a tingling or crushing or piercing pain many times in the center of my forehead right above the eyes. If I focus my energy there like I do to my right hand, I will start getting choked again. Like when reading those specific paras from Paradise Lost in the original english. My throat will be like, full of something, and my chest will also be full of something.

Sorry if the whole thing was kind of scatterred, I wrote it as I recalled it. I just hope someone can tell me something that I don't know, or maybe anyone else has had these stuff happen to them? Thanks.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-29)
The name of the ability Zin mentioned is called Clairvoyance.
Clairvoyance comes from a French word meaning 'clear seeing '.
A person with clairvoyant ability can receive psychic information like images and most see these images with their inner eyes.
Some people with clairvoyance can see people or animals in spirit form.
There is also Channelling which is communicating with spirits.
Zin (guest)
9 years ago (2013-07-29)
To start the feeling before the earthquakes is most likely the build up of energy before they happen.

The seeing of a ghost is a clair ability but I cannot recall its name off the top of my head.

As for the demonic symbols, I would not worry about it too much, it is most likely the result of something that you picked up in a graveyard or before hand.

My question is what is it that you truly want to ask, I get a feeling there is something more you wish to ask, so go ahead and ask it.
Heylo (1 stories) (1 posts)
9 years ago (2013-07-28)
If anybody can tell me anything about the paradise lost thing, I'd be grateful. I'm very confused over it. The choking happens every single time I read some specific stanzas, even in my mind and not aloud. Like, something fills up in my throat, and I can't breath or speak.:)

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