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Electronic Energy Manipulation


This may be more of a "has anyone ever seen someone like this" question.

My husband is A Computer and small electronics repair man.

Since he was a small child him and his brother have been able to execute and understand concepts of energy and physics to a degree that is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.

My Husband is also capable of simply touching an object and bringing it back to proper electronic functioning.

We have had countless amounts of computers, t.v's, phones, lights and small electronics brought to us that no one could fix, as soon as my husband touches it, even just holding it to look at it, it starts working for no apparent reason.

Also when he is away from me, I feel an overwhelming energy drain, as if my life force has become very weak. When he returns (even when I am unaware of his arrival) I begin to feel energized and happy.

Is my husband somehow unknowingly manipulating energy fields around him, or could he possible be manifesting this energy himself, through his own body, from his own core energy.

Irrelevant to his energy abilities, he can also hear my thoughts. He does not know this because I have never pointed it out to him. I'll be thinking about something I want to tell him, and right before I actually say it out loud, he responds to it as if I have already spoken to him.

Also, I myself am a sensitive capable of many many things. My husband is aware that I have some abilities, but many of my gifts I keep secret from him (i'm not sure why)

So over all, does anyone have any information on what my husband is, he has such a strong power that I can't quite understand completely, an energy I don't quite recognize is human...

Any ideas, or theories are welcomed.

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mea (3 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-08)
i also noticed he is drawn to magnets, not literally but he loves the way the feel when he holds them. He claims they feel different than other materials (ie: metal, quartz, gold, anything natural) he buys magnets a lot and wants them around him even being that he runs an electronics business and magnets are known to damage things such as harddrives and such.
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-30)
Very interesting! I think it's interesting that you say things start to work when he touches them rather than things go haywire or fail or short out when he touches them. I would think it's his own energy source doing this but for some reason he seems to have very good control of it.

If someone is just experiencing a rise in their energy level through chakras, they can have all these failures, computers die, lights burn out, as I think it is due to a sudden rise and lack of control of energy levels, but this is not the case with your husband. Hmmm:) It's really interesting. My guess would be that he was born with very high energy level and just naturally knew how to control it. I would also venture to add that he likely has many other psychic abilities that to him might seem VERY normal and natural because he's likely always had them but may not consider them to be psychic because to him they have just always been there. You could try testing him, if he is interested for other types of psychic abilities, there are many tests on this website. It is often the case, at least from what I've heard and experienced that if you have the ability for one type of psychic ability, chances are you have the ability for many of them, you just need to tune into it.

Anyway, good luck and again very interesting!
Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2013-07-30)
Well you can check that with a simple exercise, if he wants to do it that is. I read once of a version of the psi wheel but instead for telekinesis users it was for electrokinetc and technopathy is a branch of electrokinesis. Take a magnet, a needle, some aluminium foim and a VERY small part of an eraser or something to keep the needle verticle. Now you have to make sure the lower end of the needle is touching the magnet, the eraser's only for balance. Cut out a square piace of foil, 2 inches each side, and make a water bomb origami (google it if you don't know how) and place it over the needle. Now make your husband concentrate on moving it, or better the magnetic wave that surrounds it. If it does move your husband is the one who creates the energy if not he takes it from his surroundings.

As for the ringing is it like voices or as if your tv's gotten snow? I believe it's the second option. It just the energy/electricity left out in the surroundings.It's every where. You can't stop it but you can try to ignore it.It's just electrons so nothing to worry about.
mea (3 stories) (4 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-30)
Well, that very helpful info. I was thinking that my happiness when hes around me might be more related to the fact that I am an empath.
He truly amazes me sometimes.
I am very interested in find out out whether he is creating this energy or if it is just something that he is capable of grabbing from around himself.

One odd thing he told me though, is that in the past month he has been having an intents ringing in his ears before he falls asleep at night. He said that it feel as if someone is screaming in his ears.
Madara (guest)
11 years ago (2013-07-27)
Your husband has one of the most common abilities that run in my family:technopathy. I have it from my grandpa's side of the family. It let's you do quite some things with electricity and electrical devices. My grandpa's hobby is to fix electronic machines and like your husband he can fix it just with a touch. I'm curious though, can your husband create electricity from his own energy too? Or "summon" his energy in some way? Because my grandpa does that and uses it for healing and other things you won't believe me if I told you.
Your husband influences people's thoughts because they are just ectrons running through our head so that's why he can do it. This is my mom's "specialty".
I've never heard of some one manipulating the energy fields around other people. I honestly think that that's you doing it with empathy. As you said you feel energiezed and happy when he comes back, I think you are feeling the way he feels.

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