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Empathic Weather Manipulation?


I've been out of this website for a very long time since our computer got broken and I lost the web address and the forgot the password that I used on this website and the email that I used

I've known or think that I was an Empath, but can an Empath affect the weather? I know that an Empath can affect the emotions of others which I can sometimes do. Although I try not to do this because I've read that it was bad since your taking away their free will. But can this also be true with the weather?

I've noticed that when I get really mad it will start to rain heavily with thunder and lightning, also when I wished for a wind there will be a wind coming from the direction that I wished it to be. I've noticed heavy thunders will be present on the rain if I hit something while being angry (much like Thor with Mjolnir but with thunder and not lightning). Also during those times lightning will be present or can be seen near from my location and sometimes very loud thunder that can make you jump will be heard

But I've noticed that after I make it rain it will not rain for a few days and it will in turn be really hot, also after being angry and the rain subsided I noticed that my anger will also subside. There will still be a little anger left but almost 3/4 of it were gone

If I can really affect the weather and it have a bad effect, how can I stop since it will automatically rain when I'm angry unlike with people that I can stop when I noticed that I'm having an effect on them accidentally. Is this still Empathy or another type of ability?

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