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I have this disturbing dream or should I call it nightmare.

I was on our house and our whole family was eating, I haven't eaten much because I'm not feeling well and decided to go to bed. After a few minutes after I go to bed, I felt that someone poked me on my leg from the wall side. I got up and look around and saw no one. After that I was suddenly attacked by something from the other side. I was trying to make a noise while defending myself from my unseen attacker, didn't know why but I can't scream. During this time I feel like I was in the middle, my conscious mind and my unconscious mind. I only wake up because of my dog, who was barking while I was being attacked in the dream. Mysteriously he stops a few seconds after I wake up, he usually doesn't stops barking until someone looks outside the house.

The room on my dream was not like what it really looks like outside the dream, but it feels the same. Can't really explain.

I usually and immediately wake up from a bad dream before something bad happens to me in that dream. This was the second time it happened though, the first one was also on the room but the last time I saw my attacker (a guy wearing a black cloak) but someone was protecting me (a girl in white with gem like eyes). But she was defeated and the guy attacked me, I couldn't scream because he was choking me and I also couldn't move my body to make any noise. I only wake up when my sister walks in and opened the light. This happened a few months ago

Just wondering why do we have nightmares? Would also appreciate if anyone can also tell me about the dream. Thanks

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L3TT3RFairy (3 posts)
12 years ago (2011-12-31)
Get a pastor to bless your house. That is the best thing you can door or paranormal investigators. Though there is a chance the activity will increase or go away.
JEmmanuel (3 stories) (6 posts)
13 years ago (2011-04-02)
Thanks and sorry for replying late...

To jatashi: I really hope this was just a dream, I always say prayers before I go to sleep (although for other people), just tried the shielding recently, on the cross... I don't think I can do it, I'm not catholic

To ashd9: hope you and your roommate are alright now, we have a cat as well as dog

To Faithless: I think that was my problem, thoughts linger on my mind for a long time. Like when I watch a scary movie it stays on my mind and sometimes dreamt on it. That's what I thought about the girl, and it worries me because she was defeated. I'm doing some meditation, although not often. On being a clairvoyant... I'm kind of scared of ghost so I don't really want to develop it.

To Valkyrie_Ravel: hope your friend are alright and thanks

To HaruNoTsuki: my parents knew there was a spirit on the house, it tries to scare my father (both of them are very religious). On it hurting our dog... I notice that our dog doesn't want to be alone on the house, one time all of us go out for a family time he starts barking the moment my mother locks the house.

Thanks again
HaruNoTsuki (guest)
13 years ago (2011-03-13)
Something is attacking you, most likely demon. The only reason why I say it is a demon and not just a very bad nightmare that is occurring because of your personal problems, is because of your dog. Animals can see and feel the ones from the other side, unlike us unless we have abilities. Be careful though, you may not be the only one getting hurt, your dog seems very protective of you. It might get hurt as well. Go to a priest, or someone or something you know that is spiritual in ways to help you.
Valkyrie_Ravel (15 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-12)
When I slept round a friends house while I was sleeping he got pinned and I was dreaming at the time and I think it could have been an outer bodily experience because I saw him being pinned and saw myself asleep and woke up. Once I woke up it stopped pinning him whatever it was and I told him what I'd seen in the dream and he said that's what happened So we had a look at his shoulders and the giant red marks looked like birth marks that's how firm the other being was. So I think having maybe a blessed cross or I have a blessed ankh I use and I think it should have the same effect, but having some form of pet not a pet rock-.- or some form of symbol which is blessed should do you good. Ok hoped that helped,
Faithless (23 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-05)
Never let negative thoughts take you over. That's possibly the best protection. Remember your mind's state before you slept the day spoken of. If you were negative (afraid, hateful, etc.), such a dream is maybe possible to happen. I think, the girl could be your guardian spirit defending you from the dark shadow. Peaceful meditation is just about what you need. You also have some clairvoyant abilities.
ashd9 (44 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-02)
This happened to me in november. I wasn't the one being attacked it was my roommate. It was angry it couldn't have me so it took the next best thing. It's disgusting seeing how easliy they enflict pain and have no emotion towards it.
Last night as well something was trying to put pressure on my chest and pin me to the bed. It failled horibly, it's been waking me up at obscene hours of the night, I was pretty angry and it got an earful. As well as my best sheild, out the door it went:)
This is the downfall to lucid dreaming, especially when you can't wake from a dream that is unwanted.
It's always handy to have pets, cats for sure. Nothing gets past their sight.
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
oh sorry and have a cross neckless and have it blessed and wear it all the time
jatashi (1 stories) (57 posts)
13 years ago (2011-03-01)
are you sure this was all a dream what I would do is get a cross have it blessed and and have them say prayers for you and you say prayers as well and try to make shields for yourself

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