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Demon In Lucid Dreams


I have always had Lucid Dreams although at the time I didn't know it as such. I always thought that they were normal dreams and everyone dreamed in color and could control their dreams, until recently. I have never really changed to much in the dreams I have had, or controlled to much of what happens. I usually let it show me what it will. That is unless it gets to out of control like the death of a loved one or me harming someone.

Over the years I have had several dreams where there is a demon who tries to get me to join him or to turn evil. I always turn him down and refuse to join him. When I do he gets angry and attacks me with what I can only call a "psychic" attack. Which feels like fire throughout my body and I fight him back with my own powers (as in my willpower and charmed phrases) and when I win he leaves I wake up still feeling the burning in the same places as where it was burning in my dreams. The dreams always feel so real and I remember everything that happened. It feels like I have went a round in a psychic battle with the demon. Almost like if I didn't win I would have lost everything or worse.

This is one such dream that I had recently:

In the dream I am aware that I am dreaming and I look around and see that I am in our old house. I see a few friends and my sister sitting on the couch talking not paying me any attention. I am standing slightly behind them looking around taking in the surroundings. I look towards the window and see a grayish horned demon rush past and I have a moment to think that we are to far off the ground for anything to walk past that window. Then he appears beside me and speaks. "You can become evil with no worries. It don't mean anything at all to be evil or good. It's all the same either way. It is so easy to do. Just let it go." He looks me in the eyes and I can feel my will draining thinking it would be alright if I just did as he says. Then my soul cry's out for me not to do it. That I really couldn't do it. I break away from his gaze and say. "No", and when I do he gets really angry and starts his "psychic" attack and my left hand starts to burn and it slowly goes up my arm. I just know that if it makes it to my heart that it would be over. So I fight back with all my will. After what felt like a very hard battle of mind and will he finally leaves. I wake up covered in sweat, shaking, and my body burning where it was being consumed (it's the only way I can compare it to). I just knew if I hadn't won that battle that I would have been in danger from more than I can ever realize.

I just don't understand what is happening? Is he trying to control me from within my dreams? And if I wasn't aware in my dreams would I have already fallen victim to his will? Can anyone tell me if it possible that he is stalking my dreams from another plain? Any help would be appreciated...


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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
8 years ago (2016-08-28)
In the dream state one foot is in the earth and the other in the spiritual plane. In between there is a dense plane that this thing lives.
By obtaining a human Host it can experience our earth plane and express plus live.

It is said what we dream we experience.

Some entities lie and push against laws and free will.
By using other scenarios they attempt to extinguish the light within us. Thereby breKing down our resolve to walk and practice light and truth.

Psychic attack: if you recall your dream.
You use a energy or substance while fighting.

A number one tool is positive thoughts and words.

It is vital to obtain your own healing. As this life journey is about healing ourself.

Put water around the bed is what I have read.
I put sage under my pillow each night and have a authentic dream catcher. I regularly smudge my home.

It is rare that I have a bad dream. And if I do I visualize it burning, then I see visualize it turn red with my eyes partially open and ask that it transform into something beautiful.
Sometimes feeling or sensing it change.

Neg Energies do not grow or gain hold in that type of environment. Keep at it.

By dedicating yourself to a belief you will find a whole new protection.
And a knowledge this thing must and will go. A path you can never turn away from becomes a spiritual journey.

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