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Discovering My Empathic Abilities


Yesterday, last night, and this morning have been filled with some of the most unbelievable experiences of my life. My very kind and obviously empathic aunt Jade is currently visiting and staying in my home, and she and I were having a long conversation about how I had been feeling about the current spiritual state of the world. She noticed that I was basically "feeling the weight of the world" and mentioned that she thought I was an empath. Her words struck a note, and I decided to do some research about what being an empath means. I came to realize that I related immensely to the traits and experiences of empaths.

This is when I decided to do more personal research, by asking family and friends if they were experiencing aches and pains related to some strange sensations I've been having. The first thing I did was ask a close friend and my sister if they were currently having their menstrual periods. The reason I did this was because the day before, I had been experiencing unexplainable cramps that felt like I was on mine, even though I just recently had mine and it had been over for a few days. After some digging, I came to find out that I was feeling cramps when my sister was, because she confirmed she was on her period. After this, I also came to realize that I was feeling a sensation in my finger that I always feel after hitting it or slamming it in a door and I discovered that this was because my sister had slammed her exact same finger in a drawer. She lives 1,200 miles away from me.

Last night, I was talking on the phone with my cousin, who lives in the same place my sister does, and we conversed for about three hours. During this conversation, I asked him if he had been experiencing some sort of pain or discomfort in his right ear or jaw, because I was feeling a pulsing discomfort in my right ear while we were talking. He immediately confirmed that he was having some weird, painful numbing on his temple and that there was a sort of lump there. As he was talking about it, I felt as though someone was pressing on that part of my face with their finger, so I asked him if he was doing that to himself. I said, "are you pressing on it right now?" and he said, "oh my god, yea." and I realized I was feeling things he was feeling. He decided to test this by doing some more things to see if I would feel it. He told me to be still and concentrate and started doing something to see if I would feel it and ask what I was feeling. As he was doing so, I felt a sort of tightness in my throat, almost as if I had swallowed a large amount of food at once. I also felt as though someone was massaging the meaty part of my left hand. He explained that he wasn't doing anything with his throat, but that he had been experiencing some tightness and soreness with it. It ended up that he had been massaging that part of his hand.

I decided to try to help him so that his throat would feel better, so I took a certain essential oil that is supposed to help with soreness and similar things, and did the same thing we were doing except with the roles reversed. I took the oil and massaged it into my throat, breathing in the nice smell that it has as I was doing so. As I did this I imagined being where he was and doing the same thing to him, imagining in my mind's eye that I was gently massaging the oil into his throat. When I was finished he exclaimed that his throat felt like it had been opened and that it felt much better, and then a few minutes later he said his nose also felt better, which made sense because the essential oil I used smells very nice. My cousin is very well versed with spiritual things like this, and explained that he believed I had just remotely healed him.

Right before this conversation, I had felt as if I had burned the tip of my tongue or almost like I had licked a battery or stuck my tongue in an electrical socket. I posted it on facebook saying "did someone just burn their tongue or have a filling or something?" Then, this morning, I told my aunt about my conversation with my cousin, and for some reason she decided to tell me about an experience she had that night. She said she jolted awake with a feeling like she had just shocked the tip of her tongue. It appears that I somehow was feeling this sensation that she was having, possibly empathically, because I had been feeling it, but I'm not sure because I was actually having the sensation before she was. This makes me wonder if maybe she is an empath too.

The last and most recent thing that happened was that this morning I was feeling as though the top of my left hand was being pinched, or like I was having an IV drip in that area. Then, a person I don't know very well or talk to, randomly messaged me on facebook about her fundraiser for money because of her cancer treatment. I had a spark of inspiration while talking to her, and I asked her if she was currently having an IV drip in her left hand. She said, "lol, no?" and I said that it was complicated to explain but that I had realized I had been feeling other people's pain. She then explained to me that she had been having an IV drip in her left hand for six hours just yesterday. So it, appears that I was feeling the sensation from that.

So, that's the story of the last few days. I had no idea that I was like this, and my mind is completely blown, now I need to figure out how to use this gift.

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distantempath (2 stories) (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-03-22)
Turns out, the reason I was feeling a burnt sensation on the tip of my tongue was because my best friend had burned his tongue that night. He was three hundred miles away! 😆

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