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Feelings I Can't Explain


My story begins when I was younger. That's when I really started to notice these feelings. I don't necessarily have a story but little things that stand out to me. The reason I am writing is because of one particular event that recently happened and kind of took me by surprise. I have always been a little on the sensitive side as far as being able to feel other peoples energies and the energies around me. I can't see the dead and will never claim that I can if anything I can more or less feel the presence but that's as far as that goes. It's hard to explain what I feel I can't really put it into words. These feelings of energies come and go I try to ignore them. Some energies scare me. The best way I can describe what I feel and what I experience is by examples. If I think about something and envision it, it happens. The recent event that happened was I was leaving work to go to a doctors appointment.

I left at 12:30, drove to my moms house where she would then take me to my doctors office, and I was thinking to myself I wonder when I'll be done and back at her house where my car is. Then I kept seeing the time 3:42. Every time I closed my eyes I could see it. I didn't know why I kept thinking of that time. When I got to the office I completely forgot about it and just went about the appointment. On the way home I still wasn't thinking about it. By that time I had completely forgotten and I wasn't in a rush so I was never checking the time. I finally got back to my moms house, got in my car, turned my car on and that's when I saw the time. 3:42 PM. Exactly how I had seen it in my head. There are other things I experience but ignore. Though all of this could be coincidental and I could just be over thinking everything but I don't really have any other rational explanation for these events.

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