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Vision Of Someone Else's Past


About a week ago, I think I just experienced a vision of the past.- Only it wasn't my past. I was on the computer doing my own thing when out of nowhere, I see a flash of a baby crying. This baby was white and chubby and I saw the vision in black and white. There was no sound. I can't remember if it was a moving picture or a still but I think it was a moving picture. It wasn't like I remembered something or pictured something in my head, It was more like I saw it in front of me. I'm pretty sure this baby was my dad and that I saw a tiny glimpse of the past. What's unfortunate is that it's nothing I can confirm with him since 1) It's a very generic image and 2) he was an infant so he couldn't remember anyway. Am I making sense? Seriously, I feel like I'm crazy. The more time passes now, the more I doubt myself and say it was nothing at all. But was it nothing? I have depression but that's as far as mental disorders go. A second cousin of mine has Schizophrenia but no one directly related to me.

Why this particular image? Why did this happen? Is this likely to happen again? Is this supposed to be some kind of message? A rip in time?

I'm very confused and I'm not sure what to think or believe. If this really happened to me, then I'm a little scared of this. So far, it's been about a week and nothing else has happened. Any insight to this would really be hugely appreciated. I'm really new to this kind of thing and I'm glad I found this website. I'm hoping that I could find some answers.

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lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
10 years ago (2013-08-09)
I have also experienced a memory that wasn't my own but in my case I always thought it was mine but I realized I was wrong. It finally occurred to me that the memory happened several Years before I was born.
I haven't heard of collective consciousness before but it makes sense.
stellarcosmos (2 posts)
10 years ago (2013-07-27)
What you may have experienced is something called cosmic or collective consciousness. The idea is that everything that has happened (all experiences, emotions, ideas, etc.) continue to exist through a universal web of energy. Anyone can tap into it, but it involves moving past the ego and into higher consciousness. Some believe that it also holds possible futures and outcomes as well, and that people who can tap into this consciousness can sometimes predict the future.

Just recognizing what happened as a connection (intentional or not), is a step towards overall cosmic awareness. It may seem scary the first time it happens, and it may not happen to everyone, but it does happen.

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