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Empathic Bond? Twin Ray? Or Just A Bi- Product Of Ascension?


Through out my life I have always been sensitive. I would cry with out notice and things always "hit me" so-to-speak. As I grew older I realized that I was feeling other people's emotions, I had dreams of sickness, pregnancy, drug abuse, you name it and they would come to pass, particularly with people in my family. In my late teens the emotional empathy began to register in other ways, I would find myself just blurting out things and couldn't explain how I knew, let alone how I had the audacity to do it. They also registered physically, I get flashes (not as strong as my other senses), also if someone around me is angry or about to become angry. Example: I was in a the office and my boss took a phone call at a desk on the side of me, I was doing my work thinking nothing of it, until it felt like someone put a torch to my arm, I recognized the feeling from a previous incident so I just kept typing until I heard her hang up the phone then I looked and waited for the bomb to go off, and it did! Sure enough she called one of my co-workers a "lying b!tch" and proceeded with obscenities which wasn't in her professional character at all, I knew the breach in professionalism was because of the person on the other end. I was certain because it turned out was my roommate (who I worked with) waiting until the last minute to call out after having planned to do so the day before, instead of asking for some time off, on top of her already being a sub-par employee to start with.

The topic of the post though;

I about three years ago, after blocking my abilities for about 3 years I began having predictive/prophetic dreams again I guess you'd call them that. Being a person of faith I always thought it something special from God, not for me but for the world. I dreamt I was going to move to Atlanta, I would work in an attic space and that I would have to travel a ways to get to work. Boom an unexpected change in finances after I had forgotten the dream and it happened. Fast forward more dreams, more feelings, and so on...

Finally it happened I'm driving. I became so angry and tearful I wanted to run my car in a ditch. I have NEVER felt this way, I would get so emotional as I was interviewing for jobs. Well, I got online and met someone and through various correspondences and outlets I found that so many things this person felt/experienced/thought and reacted to were all the behaviors that I was exhibiting that are completely out of my character. I even knew of the person thinking suicidal thoughts before telling me. I eventually "tried" to befriend this person but the word friend is most certainly a misnomer because they turned out not to be a friend at all, but that is neither here nor there. I dreamt of this persons concerns, felt physical and emotional pain, heard their thoughts yet knowing all of this to be true it remained one sided and that person never felt a thing "soul-bond" wise, or even as a person who gives a crap at all from what I can tell. My question is though could I have mistaken a relationship I thought was grounded in the spiritual world as nothing romantic for a type of soul bond (past life, twin ray, ethereal cords, soul family) when it was nothing more than my abilities heightening as I underwent ascension? I ask because I started losing my hair (it grew back, much longer yaaaay), finding grey hair, haphazard sleep pattern, sketchy appetite, and I found myself super sensitive to this person and everyone else's moods/thoughts/pain. The only thing that makes me wonder if it was indeed a bond is the fact that I never revealed that every time I cut cords with this person, and stopped communicating with them if even for a day, it would hurt like hell before I felt better but then I would feel free as a bird only to find out this person returned to whatever state of being they were in prior (depressed,angry suicidal thoughts, sleeplessness, or debilitating lethargy, discouraged even sick with flu/cold/sinus) which are the complete opposite of me I hardly ever get sick, SOMETHING always happened to them as a result it seems, which made me cling to an energy vampire because I wanted to spare them their own pain even if I had to hurt with them so it wouldn't hurt them so bad. I'm very calm even tempered except when I'm acting from someone else's temperament, then its like I'm in a state of lucid- mania or have an out-of-body thing going.

I am now in a place where I have let go completely because that person never cared enough in return and I have no desire to invest that kind of energy into someone who has no regards for me as a person without knowing exactly why/what is going on. All I know is it was robbing me of who I am at the core and I didn't think it was fair to forfeit my peace of mind for someone who couldn't value the fact that I did and to boot was still clinging to the rage that made them that way. This person seems to be doing better now as am I since letting go. Its just strange is all.

Any experiences like these out there?

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Samie (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-02)
[at] lexibu - that happened to me also (with a co-worker) one time I was driving to work and by the time I was within a mile, I began crying hysterically. I pulled over, prayed and asked God who it was. I heard my co-workers name. When I arrived she was fine, so I instantly hit the "I must really be mentally disturbed" button and kept quiet. Well she relieved me from work that very night and while she was off during the day she found out her wheel chair bound mother had been beaten and robbed, & rolled into the woods at the mall. People can be so cruel, I wondered had I said something would that have changed a thing, but I think better of it because what if it wasn't that day, then she would have agonized until it happened. I think I just absorbed the pain so that she didn't take as hard as she would have being that she was ill herself, AND to boot her mother was in another state. Its strange when people think no one understands, but someone does.
lexibu1 (2 stories) (7 posts)
11 years ago (2013-08-01)
I too have experienced this. I had a co worker who I think I bonded to, because I felt everything she felt. The problem was she was going through some heavy emotions, but it was like a roller coaster, up down, up down. And to top it off I was pregnant. So add pregnancy hormonal emotions to feeling the emotion of someone who was going through menopause. It was horrible I felt so drained. I started to distance myself from her. I don't think she was vampire-ish or was aware that she was. I think she just really needed a friend but I started to distance myself from her during the last month of my pregnancy and after. Two months after I had my daughter she took her own life. I'm wondering if this was a misstep on my part by shutting her out? I often ask myself if I could have done things differently?

[at] lilylove, I will look into this shield/ off/on button. I could really use this as I have a hard time sometimes telling my emotions from someone else's.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-28)
I would have responded when your story first came out but I was preoccupied these past few days so I had no time.
The shield doesn't prevent you from feeling emotions, You still feel emotions but it won't be overwhelming.
The only way to stop feeling emotions would be to turn off your empathy.
I turn my empathy off and on many times. I just think of my empathy as an off and on button.
What you are going through, I have gone through it before and I learned that there are going to be times when you have to let go and move on even when it hurts.
Don't worry my sister and I are very close infact we are so close that my nieces (her daughters) who are ten years and younger claim their mom loves me more then them. 😳
Samie (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-28)
Also... [at] Lilylove, thank you for responding. I appreciate it.:)
Samie (1 stories) (11 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-28)
[at] Lilylove Ha, that is so cute with your sister! For the sake of all I hope you two get along, that's so beautiful. I have cut cords several times, I put up my white bubble and it works for the most part. Its almost. I really don't know how to keep a shield active, as I was under the impression that once it was done then it was done, only when I feel certain things do I realize I need to do it again.

I hear this person calling me too, the thing is because we were friends I was answering the "call" by actually calling or texting, in a quite manic state. Also, I didn't mention that usually the way I "think" of this person on any given day is usually a mirror of exactly how they feel about something else they are passionate about or that strikes their heart. I'm working on the ignoring though... I'm 8 days in and going. Its such now that I barely pick up on them for most of the day, but when I do, its like having talk myself off a ledge to keep from contacting them to find out if they are alright.
It lasts about 5-10 minutes then all is normal once I send the message back that I won't be responding.
I used to feel guilty, not anymore.
lilylove (3 stories) (362 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-28)
Have you thought about putting a shield around you for your empathy?
You are like a sponge absorbing the emotions around you.
Some Empaths prefer not using a shield so it depends on the person.
Maybe you developed an empathy bond with that person which would explain why you are able to feel that person thoughts.
You should meditate and imagine yourself cutting the cord (empathy bond) with the other person.
I have a bond with my older sister and sometimes when she thinks of me, I'll hear her "calling " me so I know when she wants to talk to me. Even in my dreams she "calls" me but I ignore her 😉

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