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Dream Of White-eyed 'dancer' Floating Next To My Bed


Frequently, I have been having nightmares, of all sorts. As well as the anxiety dreams I have had since a fairly young age. While a dark entity/energy was trying to attach to me, I became deeper in nightmares and many other issues, but received the amazing help of healers and psychics who came into my life.

Still, nightmares, and odd dreams happen. Especially since my fear of dark things, especially in my home for whatever reason, have made me fearful.

Recently, I had a dream in a dream. In the dream, I was asleep. I awoke in that dream, and knew there was a presence in my room in which I did not feel safe. I had several lit candles in my hands and was sitting on the edge of my bed, (I believe I may have been praying or something of the sort but it was a bit of a blur as most of my dreams tend to be).

Then, still in that dream, I looked up, and a woman, with I believe blond hair, and completely white eyes, was floating above the same edge of my bed that I was facing, I believe she was wearing a blue top and long skirt. Sometimes in my dreams I get information about the subject in my dream, and for some reason, it was that she was a dancer.

I screamed in the dream as well as in my sleep, and woke myself up.

In the dream, I didn't feel safe in her presence, which is why I think I began to try to protect myself. I have not had any other dreams about her, but I wonder the reason why I did.

Any words of wisdom, experience, or anything of the sort would be so amazing, I wonder if she was there for a reason, or if I am not the only one who has dreamt this before?

Thank you!

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harrypotterrules (1 stories) (89 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-29)
All I can think of saying is that next time she shows up, pray to Jesus. Demons and negative entities always flee when they hear His name. Hopefully this helps!

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