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O.B.E, Or Something Else?


This happened the night of May 4th 2011. I suddenly woke up (my eyes were not open yet) to a weird sensation. First I was paralyzed and felt like my body was vibrating, I guess. It was like my whole body was numb. Then I started feeling like I was falling, very fast (this was when I opened my eyes and realized/noticed the feelings). It was kind of like a comet falling back to Earth (or at least that's what came to mind). I felt some parts of my body quickly heat up as if it were on fire.

I did see something, though all I saw was a black figure since its back was facing toward my window, I think I was squinting, and was too busy focusing on the burn to focus on the entity who was in my room. I didn't feel any fear toward the entity either. I remember reaching my hands out, then it reached its hands out too, (as if it were mimicking me, perhaps?). Next I grabbed their hands, somehow, to sit up. It was hard sitting up, though I was thinking to myself "Get up, get up". I kept thinking it as if my body would sit up because I focused on my thought to sit up so hard.

Then I remember lying back down, my forehead, along with the rest of my body were still burning. After lying down I blacked out. I think as I was some entity (a second one?) put their hand on my forehead, or were near me.

If this wasn't an O.B.E what do you guys think it was? I'm guessing it was an O.B.E because of the vibration sensation I had felt. Though some friends of mine thought it could be something else. Whatever suggestions, or ideas you guys have about this, please share them with me. All of them are helpful.

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Ladfyhawke (1 stories) (103 posts)
11 years ago (2012-02-10)
I have recommended to research Robert Monroe to another guest on this site. I also say this to you. His experiences were documented before the term was so loosely used. More money making ideas have come since his death but the information still exsists for free. Projection often happens without our knowing it when we rest, it is that natural. But to practice it is to practice totally letting go which often is described as similar to death which we usually have a great aversion to. His work should help with your questions. I urge you to research thoroughly and if you believe in a higher power to entreat protection as you practice. You are also precious and vulnerable while in this state. Blessings Ladyhawke ❤

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