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Lots Of Uncontrollable Psychic Abilities Causing Trouble


ive been reading around at this site, to be sure I'm at the right place. I have searched for over half a year for help now, but sadly I got nothing yet.

Well, it's way too much to sum up, or make a story out of it, but let's say when I was little, I used to see bad spirits. They ruined my, and my families life for quite awhile. I was 8 when it started, and somehow they were always around me, talking to me, getting my attention, threatening my family members psychically.

Now my family don't believe in anything even close to supernatural, so they made up excuses. They told me I was crazy, send me off to a psychiatrist, who couldn't proof anything. Meds were given, I was drugged for over 8 years, couldn't do school anymore, or sports, since it was very heavy medication. The medication however, didn't stop the hauntings around me.

Then when I turned around 14, they suddenly disapeared for awhile.

So now and then 1 or 2 came back, to give me a good scare, tell me something, or just simply watch me.

Now after 4 years of pretty much silence, I turned 18 (that was just over a year ago). The spirits came back, this time good and bad spirits at the same time. They tried to make me stay home for some reason, and literally tried to psychically force me to by simply standing in front of me as a real object. I have tried to ignore all of this, until the psychic part came up. I noticed that I was able to change people's opinions, actions, anything. I noticed I could predict the weather forecast to the second, at any given time, so I managed to stay dry from the rain for over a year by now. Everyone with umbrellas, and I was the only one without one, walking downtown, and went walking home when I knew it was going to rain. Then the second I walked through the door, the rain poors from the sky.

I am able to make people give me money, do stuff for me, simply by thinking it, or saying it out loud. They don't seem to notice what they're actually doing somehow.

Now I see on a daily base the near future, bad and good things, also things that are handy to know, but not important. I also am able to use telekenise when I'm loaded with energy (wich comes with a lot of confidence somehow), pyrokenise, able to create some kind of barrier that is like a brick wall, but invisible, create outcomes to how I like it in any given situation so far. That last however, the end result is always how I want it, but the way it goes can differ alot, in both good and bad ways. Twice I almost killed 2 people by just being mad at them, wanting them to be sick. My regrets caused them to stay alive, I'm pretty sure of that. I can't get sick for some reason, my psysical abilities are far beyond what my body should be capable of, since I started jogging and ran after 6 months close to a world record at a certain medium ranged distance. I can lift much more then I should, my reflexes are far above average, all my 5 senses are oversensitive so I percieve pretty much everything around me, and from a distance. I also got a 6th sense, that allows me to sense where objects/persons are, so I can easily walk a crossroad blindly.

All of this I have no control over at all. When I feel hyper (I got ADHD), I ruin internet connections and devices, and sometimes I crash online games so over 50% of the players are forced to quit.

That last I used to control, I actually abused it to look really skilled in certain games, since I got bored back then.

If anyone is able to help me with this, that'd be great.

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SilverWolf (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-25)
The spirits you saw when you were around 8 were probably normal, When I was around 2 my mom told me she'd often walk in on me talking to myself and when she'd ask who I was talking to I'd say I was talking to my dead twin. And my grandma died around 9 (am 13 now) so I don't know how it happened but It felt like I was no longer in my body, I was literally watching myself write a letter to my mom from my dead grandma and I watched myself get up give the letter to my crying mother and walk back to my room. After that I don't remember nothing it was blackness. So yea it was normal for you to see spirits at 8 years old. I agree with Midnightrose, meditation does help
midnightrose (5 stories) (39 posts)
11 years ago (2013-05-24)
Hey,what I recommend that you do to help you control your abilities is meditation. This will help you ground yourself. I hope that this helps you itu. I hope that you have a great day. 😊

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