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Right Before My Grandma Died


I have been having some experiences that are hard to explain as being just one thing. Like I can see and talk to passed on people. I can also tell when something's going to happen in the close future. I know what people are thinking and feeling most of the time. I also have experience with my ears buzzing and my eyes not focusing, then I'm not even in my body.

Everything started happening right before my grandma on my mom's side died. I could see people that weren't there and talk to them. I also refused to go into some places of the house that were never a problem for me before because there would always be something there. People have always thought I was crazy when they would walk into an empty room and find me talking to a couch or a wall and I would get scared because people couldn't see what or Who I was talking to.

There was one time when I was about 6 (after my grandma passed away) that I was sitting in my room playing with my cars and I heard the phone ringing. I yelled for my mom to answer the phone and she told me it wasn't ringing and as soon as she said that the phone went off and I could even tell her who it was going to be before she answered it. After that I could count down to the phone ringing and say who it was before anyone ever Answered the phone.

My weirdest thing I can do though is hear and feel what people are thinking and feeling. This only started happening recently though. Last year I was sitting at a football game and all of the sudden I started hearing something I thought maybe it was just someone of the unseen kind but then I realized they were the thoughts of the person behind me. Soon after the game was done I was talking to one of the players and I could feel the anger and tiredness coming off of him. When I asked why he was so mad, because they had won the game, he looked at me surprised that I knew he was mad. After that I started keeping to myself afraid of what other people might think. Now it's starting to become something I want to learn about and try to make it easier for my to control what is going on.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
BeautifulL your description is of a medium if you've
Seen spirits since 6yrs old.

Do you feel tired after feeling, hearing thoughts plus emotions of people?
Do you fun low after interacting with spirits? And if so can you describe?

Can I just say that normally when we have a loved whom will crossing over. The family is aware of the impending death. This is why they see their mother or father before death.
My Grandfather had this happen, plus I've seen patients responding to no visuable person, as their body is deteriorating from Alzheimers, or Parkinsons.

Yes there are things you can do. But answer the questions listed.
XIII (5 posts)
13 years ago (2011-07-13)
I can also feel/hear thoughts and emotions of people.
I can't see the passed peeps though, I just feel an intense presence, and by that I can tell where that entity is and what it's thinking and doing.

Just thought like letting you know. 😉

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