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Tingling In Lower Back Right And Left Of Head


I am an intuitive empath with Clairsentince, clairaudience, claircognizance and a sort of strange one, clairalience (ability to smell things outside the normal range of smell) abilities. I was recently awakened and have had a flooding of knowledge pour into me from time to time since that day. I have been getting random tinglings in the back of my lower right and left sides of my head. I have noticed that the tingling in the lower right happens most often when I seem to 'speak my mind' as it were, but I wasn't sure if that is my bodies way of or even spirits way of letting me know that I am channeling them or not. Channeling is something that I have been working on but am not sure if I am tuning into the right frequencies or not. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me their story (s) or fill me in on some possible knowledge to the reason for the tinglings in the back of my head or thoughts as to the reasons of them occurring. Also, if there is a difference between the right and left side tingling, some insight into that would be nice as well. I had the left side of my head tingle earlier this morning and it occurred when I was in a meeting and being talked about and I am thinking that the left may be from telepathic messages/thoughts from the individual, but I am not sure. I know all about the crown chakra tingles on the top of the head or even the third eye tingles in between your eyebrows, but mine do not fit into either of those locations. It is the lower right and left side of my head. If you feel the lower back of your skull right about where the end of the skull is, that is roughly the location that I get the sensations in on both sides. I look forward to any insight from you all. Thank you and may love/light shine bright within and around you. Namaste.

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jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-16)
Dear sircamolate,

The tingling in the back of the head can be one of your energy points that's active while using spiritual abilities. Also, the left or right side tingling can mean it's coming from this or that side (as energies or being interacting with you).

About thoughts, I don't quite understand what you mean. There are many people suffering from constant flood of thoughts, they sometimes occur as what I call a torrent of thoughts where you can't calm them down until way later. Human brain is a big enigma, but for as long as you're relaxed and keep it up, there shouldn't be any weird thoughts occuring at all (unless the spirits/demons try to mess).

I hope it helps you a bit. If not just leave a comment with more detailed questions and they will be answered:)

Spiritual_Paganist (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-15)
Probably the work of your crown chakra because you say your have been getting floods of knowledge and information, this is the work of the crown chakra so it could be that. If not probably becoming sensitive to the working of the left and right side of the brain working independently, this happens to me I can go in tune with it and I do get the tingly feel, but it could be one of those two. Hope this helped:)

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