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Bright White Light Figure


I was walking home from work one evening, around 8pm. My house is on the mountaintop which is about 45 minutes walk from the highway. Houses there have very tall fences and the neighborhood is really silent especially at night.

After 30 minutes walking, I saw a white light (like LED light) in human figure but without the head about 3 houses away from me. It slowly floated from one side of the street to the other side until it vanished into the bushes on the other side of the street. Then, it reappeared again where it started to appear and crossed the street again, floating.

I was stunned by what I saw. I did not panic because I was not sure what it was. I was just there watching it. I was scared but I had to be brave because in the Philippines (or maybe just my grandma), we believe that if you see a spirit or anything unusual, you should not go back and run away. Otherwise you'll go crazy. So I thought I really should just wait for it to disappear.

It finally disappeared. I started to walk very, very slowly while praying The Apostles Creed (I'm Catholic). Good thing, a car heading to one of the houses nearby, came. As they opened the gate, I ran as fast as I could past where that light appeared until I reached home.

I told my family of what I saw. They said, it might just be a light from a car or someone with a flashlight but I know it is something different. Light from cars or flashlights scatter on the surface of the road but that was standing in 3D. Then, finally ma said that place was an ancient cemetery. Thought maybe it was a ghost but I've never seen one nor feel one and it's also far from the description of the people who allegedly see ghosts. They usually can tell whether it's a man or woman but I couldn't. It's just a light and there's not even a face (nor a head).

I am still looking for similar experiences and answers to what it was. Hopefully I can find answers here.

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Spiritual_Paganist (4 posts)
7 years ago (2017-08-15)
sounds like it was a entity wandering around, I love the way you get told to stay strong and don't run away, this is good to remember if you have any future encounters, but I don't think it was any harm, probably because when you were walking and being relaxed before it appeared you became aware. And maybe it was a entity from the ancient cemetry

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