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Before my Grandmother died she always told me she would be there with me no matter what happened, so when she passed away while I was at college it really hurt me. The last thing she said in the hours before she died was my name and asking for me in the end I sent a picture via text and she smiled and passed away.

Months passed without any events but then I went home near the end of the summer, when I got home things seemed oddly quiet and I felt alone and empty like something was not there that should be.

One night my sister and I stayed up late crying and talking about my Grandmother and what she meant to us, during which she went to her room and came out with my Grandmothers engagement ring, she handed to me and told me that she felt my Grandmother would have wanted me to have it because we had been so close. Instantly when I held the ring I felt an odd peace/feeling settle over me almost comforting me so from that day on I started wearing it on my neck.

During the hurricane that recently happened I was laying in bed listening to the rain and wind slam against the side of my apartment I was afraid so I held the ring in my hand and asked my Grandmother to watch over me and keep me safe. I dreamed that my grandmother came to me in a 14 year olds body, she told me that she loved me and was proud of me, also that she was there to watch over me.

That was almost 2 weeks ago, then there was today. I joined a meditation group to try to help me get rid of some stress and also to help myself relax, I was sitting there and about 25 minutes into the session the woman asked us to all think about a painful experience in our life or a moment when we felt afraid, I thought of when I received the news that my Grandmother had passed away.

Calmly I let the image of me crying while my dad broke the news to me enter my mind, I thought of my grandmother and how much I missed her when suddenly I felt a hand firmly pressing on my shoulder just like how she used to grab it when she would go to stand up, I opened my eyes and broke my concentration but no one was near me so I tried to brush it off and regain my serenity. I closed my eyes again but felt oddly cold, I opened my eyes and saw that I was surrounded by an orb or ball of light and there was a sea of black movement trying to get to me but the light kept it away I blinked and it was gone.

I got home, very confused as to what to think about this, I went to my room and changed then went to go downstairs to make some supper, I swear I saw a black human figure on the stairs when once again I blinked and it was gone. What is going on? All this in one day and I have no explanation for any of it. Is my Grandmother trying to contact me?

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mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-12)
What an amazing story. PathR has done a fantastic job explaining everything that you want & need to know. I just wanted to say that by you having her ring that was a wish of hers granted. It served in my opinion as an ongoing connection between you so you could still have a sense of her. What I found particuarly interesting is that when you dreamt of her she was in the form of a 14year old. Th reason I am interested in this is i've been taught that when females pass nomatter how old they are they seem to manifest by choice much younger than their age at passing (obviously excluding children). Typically late teens where as men aren't as vain & don't mind so much so they manifest older (around 30) this may not be a big deal to others but to hear this was validating after what i've heard. I will you to continue on the path to enlightenment but stay safe & always stay in the know when going into new ventures. You need to be & feel protected.
Sending you Love & Light
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
12 years ago (2012-11-11)
What you are seeing is love and light are one of the
Same.This moves past the darkness of sorry, pain and death. Your desire to know Grandmother is with you!

Do not ignore what you sense: as her hand touching your shoulder. Do not dismiss this as coincidence or the mind playing tricks.

It is now up to you to ask for proof so as to eliminate, any fear that would hinder you from
Gaining the insight and the peace to walk with the
Door she is opening to you.
When asking for proof speak with your mind and heart.
Not out loud.
You know her and she knows you.
There are certain signs which will give proof it is
Your Grandmother.

It is common for family and angels to appear as an orb.

And for Ancestors to appear as shadow people, is a part of the
Etheric matter.
Normally when people die they go though a process of
As they continue on their journey their will and ability to
Present themself as we knew them on their earth plane will
Eventually lend them to showing themself in a solid form,
Or on the dream scape, which can vary from as you explained, to
Showing them around their prime years of 30's, to even showing them as they were when they died.
Now some of this process has to do with how they lived their life, were they strong willed, were they sick in body.
So there is a cleansing, healing, and leaning process for
Our loved ones.

When meditating in the group, you only responsiblity
Is to make sure you use protection and ask for the
Highest and best, then whole heartedly participate.

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