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Experienced Symptoms Of Grandma's Death


My grandmother just died a few days ago and through her passing she gifted me the experience of allowing to feel her death. It started hours before the final part of her transition. I began having signs of asthma and it was hard for me to breathe. I don't medically have asthma or never used inhalers. I went to school that night as I'm in training to be a therapist. I was focused so my energy probably wasn't connected to her symptoms then because I don't remember feeling strange physical reactions at school. However, when I got home to my girlfriend (who is also psychic) at about 10pm, my breathing became heavy. She has asthma so we began talking about typical symptoms of asthma and then I even asked to use her inhaler. We joked about how my first shot attempt ended up on the roof of my mouth and how the second inhale, I didn't hold it in my lungs, so I just gave up and continued the night with our famous soup we were making. We went to bed after 11pm. That's when I started to feel serious breathing issues. They came in several waves. There were at least three major episodes where I woke from drifting off to sleep to an alerted panic that I could not breathe, like I was being choked. It felt like something was stuck in my throat. The last episode happened at 12:30am and it was the most intense feeling. I jumped up from bed and felt if I did not put all my consciousness to my breathing I was at risk of dying. I felt that if I fell back asleep I would die from asphyxiation. Five minutes later, I got the phone call from my sister saying that my grandmother just passed away. She was on hospice and we were prepared but there were no immediate signs that it was that near.

I had always had (what I now call) a psychic connection with my grandmother. She raised me and there were many times that I knew when she was about to call for me. Despite, my grandmother not truly embracing her psychic abilities, she introduced me to our lineage and with her death she gifted my potential. Now I feel confident believing in WHO I AM. Now it's about learning and practicing my gifts. My abilities seem at the moment to be more aligned with being an empath and healer.

The timing of events though are always divinely designed. Two days later, I went to couple's therapy with my girlfriend. I recounted the details of everything that transpired (by the way I had known the therapist was psychic) but this was only our third session with him. After I shared my story, he began to describe his abilities, his psychic history, him being a mystic and even his spiritual connection to me. What I felt was the feeling of, "when the student is ready, the teacher will come".

I feel ready but would love to hear from others about when and how you transitioned into WHO YOU ARE. I'm still uncertain that I can achieve things like recalling past lives, channeling, hearing and seeing spirits. Please share how you went from minor psychic abilities into FULL psychic-self.

And does anyone consider themselves a mystic.

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Nightqueen (1 posts)
10 years ago (2014-02-01)
Hi I understand the connection between yourself and your nan completely. My nan had a stroke when I was 8 and ever since she has been unable to remember who I am. Obviously this is hard to deal with but I still feel like there is some kind of link between us. Early today I found out that she has had low blood pressure and her heart is weak. But for the past week I have been having strong pains in my chest, I have never had a heart condition or anything that could cause this. They said she wouldn't survive the operation to fix her heart so I'm starting to believe I may have to say goodbye soon... But I was wondering how you felt 'psychic wise' after she died? Did you have any psychic abilities before the incident?

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