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I Experienced My Fathers Death. Here Is My Story


A couple of weeks before January 16th, 2015... I had this overwhelming sense of "I feel death creeping in". It was so overwhelming that I in fact afraid, told my mother. Every time I would go to my parents house, I have this saddening feeling that I could not explain.

January 16, 2015 my mother called me frantically that my father was found on the living room floor, and he was cold. We all rushed to the hospital where, we were soon to Find out that he had passed away suddenly. Earth shattering.

Being the daughter that I am, I left my car at the hospital and drove home with my mom. There only place for me to sleep at my parents, was my fathers bed. My dad had problems with depression and pills and I instantly thought, suicide. When the coroner called they told my mom that they found a fentanyl patch in his stomach, with the date of his death written on it.

Two nights later, I fell asleep, and I literally became my father. In my dream, I was in bed, overdosing, heart pounding, panicking, terrified. He was so scared. I knew I messed up. I as my father said "oh shiat", and then it was over. The next day, it felt so real that I thought k was taking pills in my sleep! I looked on his table for them. It was so real. An overwhelming urge made me tell my mother this dream. As I told her, I was shaking, panicking, still feeling wheat I felt in that dream... Then I said out loud "daddy didn't kill himself, it was accidental" he didn't mean to swallow that patch, while he did mess up and put it in his mouth, he accidentally swallowed it. His coffee was still warm when my mom found him.

After I told my mom, the shaking stopped, and I experienced this overwhelming sense of lightness and peace and almost a high. I knew my father needed me to deliver this message to let my mom, and I know that it was an accident and he is ok now. He has since come to me in so many way, I definitely have a guardian angel now. I've always had premonitions and I believe my dad knows he can get through to me, the greatest gift of all. Love you and miss you daddy, Kyle xoxo

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