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My Father's Death


I dreamed my father came to visit me and told me it was his time to go. He asked if I was ready, I yelled at him no. He laughed and said goodbye. I woke up from a phone call from my mother at 5 am. She told me to put my shoes on and she was coming for me. She told me my father passed away. I wish I had more time to talk to him in my dream. Ever since then I dream of things and they happen. Can someone help me understand how to control this? I also would be day dreaming and all of a sudden i'll mentally picture an object. Then later that day it will appear to me in someway. Please help. Id like to learn to control this. I keep having visions of post apocalyptic events. I tend to lucid dream into other peoples dreams. Or instance I dreamed I was in my sisters dream and I told her about it and she was shocked as to how detailed her exact same dream was. She said someone saved her from drowning but she could see who it was. In my dreamed I was the one saving her. I don't think this has anything to do with dream interpretations, but more like a physic ability. My mother is trying to be a christian but when she was pregnant with me she was into witchcraft really bad and she saw things other people couldn't see. I don't agree with using witchcraft but I do believe in GOD and I am catholic. We were at a party when I was 10. She sat int the middle of the living room and had a blindfold on. Infant of all her friends she asked me to put fingers up. Faced the other way she would put the exact same fingers up. Everyone at the party was shocked. She said when she had the blindfold on she saw what looked like a tic tac toe symbol and the gram reaper was in every slot but the middle one. It was a wheel spinning. I too can see objects that people vision and i'll close my eyes and I tell them what there thinking of. But I have to think hard and object paper in shadow figures to me. I don't want to be worsening the devil because I love my god but I don't know why we see these things. It may vine be a gift from god and not the devil. Please someone give me advise with what I can do to control these vision. Also last night Can anyone tell me what my dream was about?

It was about a ship in the sky with constellation bright starts I've never seen before, the stars moved fast, like the world was turning super fast, (like into the future) a ship ascended from heaven and children faces astroprojected from the ship and they were watching the earth as if they were observing, high winds tore up houses and there was a massive earthquake. Cars were piled on top of each other. In my dream I was on the internet and looked up Astromillenials. So when I woke up from my dream and looked up Astromillenials and got so many answers. Ok just don't know what it means? Kind of scary. Did I have a a premonition of a post apocalyptic world? Or is it all psychology? This interest, me so if anyone else is into this kind of stuff let me know. Does this have to do with being physic into the future.

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