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Saw Orbs & Shadows


Since I was a little girl I always felt I wasn't like everyone else. I had a imaginary friend. I saw and spoke to spirit, recently my mother went to see a spiritualist which my lovely nan came through she recently passed, the lady also spoke to me at the end of my mothers reading in which she said to me "I know your spiritual and would I like to come to a circle with her one evening " I'm so excited about this, but recently more things keep happening I've seen orbs I've seen shadows heard tapping noise things moving in front of me in my home, I hope by going to this circle I will develop? Will I ever be able to connect to the spirit world?

I would really like to know who is in my home I have thought maybe it was my nan but I get a sense it's a child as I have sadly lost three babies, I am very lucky to be now blessed with two beautiful boys, I have been told to ask who is there and to clear my mind, I really find it hard to clear my mind as I'm always thinking of something, will this come in time? In the beginning I used to feel a bit scared but now I feel I'm ready.

My nan who passed in November last year really loved all this and used to attend spiritual churches, she always wanted me to do this, she bought me angel cards years ago, at the time I didn't think much of it but now it makes me think my nan really believed in me, I miss her with all my heart, I did think was it grief that been playing tricks with me? I hope it's not as I really feel being a spiritualist is really me.

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highspiritualy (1 posts)
7 years ago (2017-05-27)
Where I work at I've seen an Orb pass through some apartment doors and on the morning saw a mist. Since then I haven't seen anything. At the moment, I see shadow figures and spots. Other then that I feel being touched and I got touched by a spirit with so much energy it made me lose a bit of energy. Other then that I don't see and feel the presence anywhere else.

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